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Wellington’s Tolkien Society, Welly-moot, have been in touch to let us know that they are hosting the ULTIMATE Middle-earth Marathon at the Roxy in ‘Wellywood’ over 24 hours, Thursday 24th to Friday 25th March. That’s all SIX of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth movies, Extended Editions, over one day!

Welly-moot tell us:

‘There’s a big event happening here in Wellington at Easter – we’ve convinced the Roxy Cinema here in Miramar (aka ‘Wellywood’) to run the BIGGEST marathon ever; all six Middle-earth movies in a single sitting, in their glorious Extended formats. It’ll be just over 24 hours of Hobbity goodness, including three Roxy-quality meals, snack breaks, and NO sleep breaks. So far almost all people I’ve spoken to are attending in costumes, and we’re also getting sponsored by Mojo Coffee (free bottomless cups of coffee for attendees!). I understand that Weta Workshop is decorating the Roxy in Middle-earth style. Tickets are nz$250, and are selling briskly, so if anyone wants one, please be quick! It’ll probably be the last ever big event – truly we are at The End Of All Things!

This is a one-time only event, and the timing was VERY specifically chosen; as you all no doubt know, March the 25th is when Frodo destroys the Ring in Mount Doom. To celebrate, we’d love to see you all on Thursday the 24th of March (in costume, I hope), at 2:00pm!’

Tickets are available here. However, if you’re in New Zealand but can’t afford a ticket, don’t despair – you could WIN an amazing fan package! The Roxy have put together stunning ‘mega fan-packs’, which include:

LOTR postcard set (10)
Hobbit postcard set (10)
Middle-earth teatowel (Thorin’s Map)
Middle-earth key-ring
Red eye of Sauron pin/badge
Hobbit Hole collectible
Middle-earth Location Guidebook (hardcover – Ian Brodie)
2 x 1 litre bottles of Hobbiton Gingerbeer
1 x Box of Scorched Almonds
1 x Bar Whittakers Chocolate
1 x Pkt Popcorn
1 x Roxy Cap
1 x Roxy Notebook
1 x Roxy Pin
1 x Middle-earth Marathon ticket


One of these amazing prize packages can be won via The Roxy’s own Facebook page; or, you can enter to win a package from Welly-moot:

‘… if anyone would like to attend, and turn up in style, then send an email to ‘’ with your best fan-story. It could be anything – the day you met one of the actors; your worst hard-luck story; what got you into Tolkien; – anything. Make it good, in less than 300 words! You’ve got until Wednesday the 16th, midnight (Wellington time). The Welly-moot committee will judge the best story, and they’ll be in touch with the winning entry!’


So get writing, email Welly-moot, and you could win this awesome prize! Hope everyone attending has a fabulous time – we hope to see some photos after the event!


[Please note is in no way involved with this competition; send your entries to]

[Click here to purchase tickets]  [Click here to enter to WIN via the Roxy’s Facebook page]