Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey in The Hobbit MoviesRinger, Kiwifan, has sent us this lovely interview/conversation with Sir Ian McKellen at the SAGFoundation.

“This is a fabulous interview, or rather conversation, with the incomparable Sir Ian McKellen, at the SAGFoundation. One and a half hours long, in turns amusing, hilarious, serious, profound, moving, and topped off with a great speech by Shakespeare. (By the way, which of you will agree with me that our magnificent Gandalf’s memory of the meaning of his famous Elvish tattoo is a little erroneous? 😉 ) Anyway, it’s great way to spend ninety minutes with Sir Ian at a stretch, especially for those of us who will never have the opportunity to meet and hear him tell all these things in person. Enjoy!” Kiwifan 🙂