one-last-party-logo-300x190 If you have questions about The One Last Party but perhaps missed our previous post, here’s a reminder link to our dedicated party subsite.

There you’ll find all the information you need on party times, parking, raffles, dress code and costuming.

Since we’ve been receiving many questions about dress code and costuming here’s a quick reminder on that:

Required Attire: Black Tie and Pointy Ears Optional. This means that if you have a Tux, or an Evening Gown, wear it. Pointy Ears Optional refers to costuming, which will be acceptable attire for the event. Please note, expert costuming is required for entry. Please read our FAQ on the topic for more details.

Additionally, ticketing operates on a will-call basis (you show us your ID at the door, and we cross your name off our list). There are no physical tickets. So if you’re attending and haven’t yet sent us your legal name get in touch with the partyadmins as soon as possible at

However, if you have sent us that information already, you’re all set — there is no need to reconfirm your details.

See you at the party!

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