IMG_0517Tonight’s newsletter from Weta Workshop provides us with an update on the many items that were on display during Comic-Con 2014.

As we posted the other day, the massive new Balrog statue will pre-order on September 22nd at 1pm PST. This statue will have an edition size of 1500 pieces world wide and will be 21″ tall with a 17.5″ long base. So this is going to be an attention grabbing piece in any collection.

The large Smaug statue is going to have an edition size of 2000 pieces with a 21″ long base, while the smaller Smaug statue will be an open edition piece.

If you enjoyed both the Faramir and Bard the Bowman statues, each of these statues will have edition sizes of just 1000 pieces, with Faramir shipping in the first quarter of next year while Bard will ship during the fourth quarter of this year.

One of the pieces I wasn’t expecting that really impressed me was the Thror on Throne, which will come with an edition size of 1000 pieces shipping during the fourth quarter of this year.

There are also two smaller items, a new Ringwraith mini-statue which will cost $74 and Kili’s Rune stone both of which can be had during the third quarter of this year.