lotrprintargonathalrg2Our friends at Weta Workshop have released their latest newsletter and its jam packed with information. Tonight, we get two new pre-orders and a run down of when we will start seeing items for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The first item that came up for pre-order is the next Hobbit Hole helping fans create their own Hobbiton with Gandalf’s Cutting. This great little piece is named for being the Hobbit Hole that is nearest when Gandalf enters Hobbiton. The other item that went up for pre-order is a beatuiful art print capturing The Argonath. This stunning print was created by Gust Hunter and captures the Kings of Old as the Fellowship goes by. You can order Gandalf’s Cutting for $40 and it will ship in late November and you can also order The Argonath art print for $35 which is in-stock.

Also within tonights newsletter, Weta tells fans when they can expect to start ordering products that are tied in with the second film in the Hobbit Trilogy. These products will start to be released from next Monday afternoon here in the US, which is next Tuesday morning in New Zealand/Australia.  So starting from next week fans can expect to order at least one new statue, which will be the Elven King Thranduil himself.

Here is the full comment from tonight’s newsletter:

Next week signals the launch of the first items from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

We have previously launched Bilbo and Bombur Barrel Riders as exclusive preview products, but 15 October signals the start of our range proper!

We have a range of products lined up for the next few months and while we want to keep some of them a surprise, one or two have seen the light of day at conventions and events.

King Thranduil 1/6 scale statue is one such piece and we will start taking orders for this striking Limited Edition piece:

Tuesday 15 October at 9AM NZ time!

Around the World that means the following times:

  • US West Coast: Monday 14 October at 1pm

  • US East Coast: Monday 14 October at 4pm

  • Central Europe: Monday 14 October at 10pm

  • Sydney, Australia: Tuesday 15 October at 7am