Jed-Brophy01Welcome to this months “Getting to know you” Q&A, this month we’re talking to the one and only, amazingly talented, and all round great guy, Jed Brophy.



Kelvarhin: You’re known to be a big fan of the books of Tolkien, what is your favourite part or quote?

Jed: I think for me, my favourite is the story of Beren and Luthien from the Quenta Silmarillion. He writes a good love story does Mr J.R.R Tolkien.

Jed Brophy giving his time to the fans

Kelvarhin: I hear from Julie James of Red Carpet Tours, that you will be the MC at their Costume Party this December and also your band will be playing. What do you enjoy about these events and what are the fans like that attend?

Jed: Peter Jackson has always said we make these films for the people who watch them. I think the Fans are such an important part of the process, they are passionate about the subject matter and they are, on the whole, very smart people. I love that interaction from folk who love what we do. I love my job and so it is cool that they love the Job I do.

Kelvarhin: You and several of your comrades have joined TORn events and parties in the past. What have those experiences been like for you, and do you have anything that stands out when you think back on them?

Jed: The TORn Party for the Return of the King in LA was the best party I have ever been to. It rocked LA. Can they put on one better…..only if they invite my band to play! xxjedi  

Kelvarhin: How extensively have you travelled? Are there places you might recommend everyone visit – or stay away from? Any favourite travel anecdotes?

Jed: No anecdotes, no, but Iceland was cool and I absolutely loved going to the west coast Of Canada.

I have travelled a lot but to be honest….I live in Paradise….it is hard to compare any place to New Zealand on a good day.

Kelvarhin: Have you ever considered having a gallery showing of your photography work?

Jed: One day yea I will do an exhibition. I just need the time to collate. Someday soon though xx

Kelvarhin: What do you enjoy reading in your spare time – if indeed you get any spare time? We wondered if any comics or graphic novels have fallen under your umbrella of interest?

Jed: I really am more of a book guy but love the work of Colleen Doran, and also all of the X-Men . That is on my wish list as well ….to be in an X-Men film.

Kelvarhin: Continuing on from that question: what do you think of the way modern mythology is finding its way into our culture through comics and movies? Are we thoroughly in an age of  “post-modern mythology” now?

Jed: Yes I do, I think once again and not since The Greek Armies trod a path of conquest, Mythology is part of Pop culture. It is a good thing, it stretches the Imagination, it fuels Ideology and reminds us of the Epic and Unrelenting Battle between Good and Bad. The parables in Pop culture are very nearly the same as they were 2000 years ago.