TORn's booth at DCon 2013A week to the day since the fun and games kicked off in Atlanta, we’ve all returned to our homes – even the Road to DragonCon guys have made it back!  So we thought we’d share with you a few highlights of our weekend at the convention. is always delighted to be out and about meeting fellow fans, so the biggest highlight of the con for us was chatting with everyone who stopped to say hi, either at our table in the Hyatt hotel or after the two panels we gave over the course of the weekend.  Thanks for coming over and sharing the Tolkien love with us!

Our two panels were on Saturday afternoon and Sunday lunchtime.  The first was The Hobbit: One book, three movies – a look at why this seemingly short story may (or may not) merit being made into three films.  On Sunday we explored The Desolation of Smaug, with much speculation on what we may see when the film hits the big screen later this year.  Both panels were very well attended, with folks lining up well in advance.  Staffers deej, greendragon and MrCere were the panelists.

TORn was also delighted to help out with the Tolkien Track’s two evening events, Friday’s An Evening at Bree and Saturday’s Middle-earth goes Retro 80s dance party!  greendragon planned the fun for Friday night, with TORn favourites Emerald Rose rocking the house, as ever, and inspiring everyone to dance the night away.  Attendees were very excited when William Kircher, Graham McTavish and Sylvester McCoy showed up to host the costume contest!  They were fabulous MCs, and the entries into the contest this year were just stunning.  Bravo to everyone who took part – the judges had a very hard time picking winners!  (Big thanks to Namadriel, Soinma, MrCere and Nicole Kircher for taking on judging duty!)  The party even included a marriage proposal, as ‘Smaug the Terrible’ knelt down and popped the question to ‘Azog the Defiler’ – both amazing costumes, and a very happy couple at the end of the night!

Eye of Sauron - 80s style!deej revealed why her TORn nickname has been deej for all these years, as she hosted and dj-ed the dance party on Saturday night.  It was just wonderful to see everyone getting into the spirit of things!  Many folks came in amazing ‘Middle-earth in the 1980s’ costumes, including one gal who was The Eye of Sauron – complete with ‘Venetian Blinder’ sunglass lens!  Elves, dwarves and men took to the dancefloor and strutted their stuff as Saturday turned into Sunday; eventually, soon after 1am, we had to shut the party down and everyone reluctantly headed out to seek their beds – or another party elsewhere!

What with running the table all day every day, partying in the evening, and appearing on a few panels in addition to our own two, TORn staffers were kept pretty busy throughout the weekend of DragonCon!  (MrCere was of course particularly busy, wearing his two hats of being both TORn staffer and Tolkien Track Director.)  The Roadtrip gents did an amazing job of live streaming from the event, so we could keep in touch with folks at home.  By Monday evening, everyone was exhausted – but exhilarated!  Many thanks again to all who stopped to say hello, and maybe to buy a shirt or a button, and show their support for the website.  We always love to meet you all, and it’s great to see familiar faces year after year!

TORn is in Salt Lake City just now, at Salt Lake ComicCon.  Next weekend we’ll be representing at Cincinnati Comic Expo; and then our next BIG event (and party!) will be in New York City, for NYComicCon, October 10-13.  Stay tuned for news of that – we hope to see you there!  Just need to catch up on some sleep in the meantime…