IMG_3688Comic-Con 2013 may be over but the coverage of their booth is not. The folks at Weta Workshop brought their “A” game with the items fans could check out multiple times as I did. The great thing about this years items is that Weta covered the bases with Dwarfs, Orcs, Wizards, Trolls, Elves, and environments. Some of these items are in-stock right now and some of them will be available as the year goes on. Right now you can purchase Kili, Bofur, Tom the Troll, Bombur Barrel Rider, and the White Council Chamber. The amazing items we have to look forward to are; Azog on Warg, Radagast the Brown, Gloin the Dwarf, Thranduil, Tauriel, William the Troll, Bert the Troll, and a mini Arwen Statue. Another item not at the show but also up for order is the first art book for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. You can order this right now and get a signed copy by the artists for only $39.

It was jaw dropping piece after jaw dropping piece for this ringer as I viewed the booth over the course of the 5 days of Comic-Con 2013. Azog on Warg is going to be one of those pieces fans will find a way to fit into their budget with the amazing detail on the Warg and Azog himself. It’s also a huge statue and the biggest in the rider series of statues that Weta has been a part of. Radagast the Brown was another piece that I think based on what I saw fans are going to add to their collection. There was such detail and great color in this statue. Thranduil and Tauriel were mesmerizing! There was such grace and beauty within these two statues that they just pull you in over and over. If the characters can match these two statues fans are going to fall in love with these two characters. Another beautiful Elven item is the White Council Chamber. This stunning item is going to go great with the Rivendell environment allowing fans to expand more of the beauty of this stunning place on Middle-earth. A hidden detail about this piece is the top of the chamber comes off revealing even more detail. Finally, fans can order the three Trolls Tom, William, and Bert. The great thing about these statues is they’re similar in size to the original Stone Troll Environment. This will allow fans to get all three of these for $75 a piece.