wetalogoLast night our friends at Weta Workshop sent out their latest newsletter jam packed with information on some of what you can expect to see at Comic-Con starting Wednesday night. They’re going to have tons of items from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy on top of other licenses that Weta has. You’re also going to be able get plenty of autographs while at the booth from various artists, Richard Taylor himself, and the beautiful Evangeline Lilly. Over the next few days we here at TORn are going to show off the amazing collectibles that Weta will have for us.

Here’s the rundown of the latest Weta Workshop news going into Comic-Con:

*Evangeline Lilly will be at the Weta Booth signing her book The Squickerwonkers done with Weta Artist Johnny Fraser Allen.

  • Thursday, July 18th: 11am – 12pm and 4pm – 5pm
    Friday, July 19th: 11am – 12pm and 4pm – 5pm
    Sunday, July 21th: 11am – 12pm

*Richard Taylor will be signing autographs

  • Thursday-Sunday 2-3pm everyday

*Meet The Hobbit Artists Nick Keller, Paul Tobin, Lindsey Crummett, Andrew Baker, Johnny Fraser-Allen and Daniel Falconer

  • Thursday 18th
    10-11am (DF, NK, JFA, PT)
    5-7pm (DF, NK, AB, LC)
    Friday 19th
    10-11am (DF, NK, JFA, PT)
    5-7pm (DF, NK, AB, LC)
    Saturday 20th
    10-12 (DF, NK, JFA, PT)
    5-7pm (DF, NK, AB, LC)
    Sunday 21st
    10-11 (DF, NK, JFA, PT)

*A new barrel rider in the mini-barrel rider statue series

*Weta Comic-Con Exclusive The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug T-Shirt $29

*Fans can get the Bilbo Baggins statue for $99, Gollum Enraged for $199, Dwalin’s Axes for $150 off, $50 off Balin’s Mace, and much more.