the_hobbit___fili_and_kili_by_krrouse-d5qw2ogGreetings all! Last week we began the first of a series of webcasts profiling each dwarven member of Thorin’s Company, starting with Balin and Dwalin (who were 1st to arrive at Bilbo’s round green door) and today moving on to discuss the youngest, and in a way almost beardless, Dwarves of the nascent traveling company, Kili and Fili!  Join us for TORn TUESDAY every week at 5:00PM Pacific: brought to you by host Clifford “Quickbeam” Broadway and producer Justin “I Haven’t Read The Books Yet” Sewell — as we discuss the unique characteristics of each Dwarf. We shall learn how they fit into the larger history of Tolkien’s legends — and what Peter Jackson & WETA did to help us distinguish these rough and tumble travelers from each other (using more than just colored hoods). Our innovative live show includes worldwide fans who join us on the Live Event page with a built-in IRC chat (affectionately known as Barliman’s Chat room). Be part of the fun and mischief every week as we broadcast *live* from Meltdown Comics in the heart of Hollywood, U.S.A. The show will begin in less than 20 minutes from *now*!

NEXT WEEK:  Dori, Nori ……  and Ori!