The latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter contains an article all about the upcoming Hobbit movie.  Interestingly, the headline calls the films a ‘$1 Billion Gamble’ – though the coming success of the movies doesn’t seem to be a question in the minds of most fans!  This latest article doesn’t tell us anything new, but it’s a pretty good summary of the journey so far; and of course, it mentions TORn.  There’s no Hobbit’s Tale without a touch of TORn…. 🙂

UPDATE – and there are some pretty amazing images along with the article, including a photograph of Peter Jackson with a caption where he comments of Del Toro’s work on the movies, ‘Some of the things he did I certainly liked and took bits and pieces from it.’  Is this what we’re seeing in the ‘Del Toro-esque’ Dol Guldur orcs, such as Bolg and Yazneg, with their victims’ faces sewn into their clothing??  In another image, there’s a wonderful sketch of a dwarf seated beneath a tree, with runes below which read, ‘Supplies of pipeweed are running desperately low.  If we do not find some very soon one of our few remaining pleasures will be a thing of the past.’  Could this be a note made by Ori, in the book we see him carrying around?