When it comes to LOTR & the Hobbit, the online gushing is usually non-stop.

Not today, though. The unconfirmed news that Peter Jackson may turn “The Hobbit” into a trilogy has been blowing up on social media, and it’s not all happy. A common response has been “not sure how I feel about this,”  but there’s been quite a bit of negativity mixed in with the happiness and mixed-emotions.

We combed through the last 12 hours of tweets and pulled together a selection of what Twitter users have to say. You’ll find Yays, Naes and a whole bunch of head-scratching. Read on:

Damon Lindelof ‏@DamonLindelof
I think THE HOBBIT should be broken into a hundred five-minute installments and released every Christmas until we are all dead.

Matt Murray ‏@mbmurray
Uh, what? There’s no way The Hobbit has enough content to fill 3 movies

Rob McCallum ‏@Rob_McCallum
Hang on!- The Hobbit is ONE BOOK. Two films was pushing it. Three is having a laugh

Alex Braga ‏@Alex_Braga
I’m very much on board with there being three Hobbit movies. Very much.

Disalmanac ‏@Disalmanac
UPDATE: Peter Jackson not only wants to turn “The Hobbit” into three movies, he’s changing it so that Gollum shoots at Han Solo first.

Lee Leslie ‏@leeleslie
What? There’s going to be THREE Hobbit movies now?!? How?

Nick McAnulty ‏@NickMcAnulty
Making two #Hobbit movies is a real stretch – making THREE is just greedy

Kubulai ‏@CloudySpotty
Wow. Peter Jackson is serious about making three Hobbit movies instead of two. Well…if they all kick ass, I don’t see why not.

Celeste Sharp ‏@celesteosharp
How can you make The Hobbit a trilogy? Pah! I bet the last film is a three hour battle…

LB Gale ‏@LBGale
They have the rights to all of what happens between The Hobbit and the end of LOTR appendices. There are easily three movies in that.

Vivi H. ‏@tilgorekrout
so the hobbit’s gonna be a trilogy? as much as I LOVE the book, three films for ~400 pages? #vividisapproves

Oliver Good ‏@OliGood
Peter Jackson’s ‘plan’ to make three movies out of The Hobbit is making me approximately 33.3% less excited about The Hobbit..

Elaina Ciara Glynn ‏@ElainaCG
Bad jokes aside, I missed out on the LOTR trilogy experience, so I’d probably jump for joy if there were three Hobbit movies.

Donal Ryan ‏@donalwryan
Would love to have three hobbit movies, if that’s how it was scripted from the start. It’s a short book to begin with. this could backfire

Bear McCreary ‏@bearmccreary

Hey fellow nerds, everybody calm down about The Hobbit. We’re talking about a director whose WORST movie was still pretty good. I’m excited.

Jason Smith ‏@byumanutd
Would rather have all the material than have things cut. 

Steve Zaragoza ‏@stevezaragoza
If PJ makes 3 Hobbit movies, someday we’ll own close to 24 straight hours of Middle Earth awesomeness. Must look into buying toilet chair…

Matthew C. Ruffner ‏@MatthewCRuffner
I don’t know if I’m excited or offended. Peter Jackson to make “The Hobbit” a trilogy? #LOTR #hobbit #JRRTolkien

Corrie Bates ‏@OnTheEverglow
Not sure what to think about this yet, but I’m excited if it’s all Appendices material.  #TheHobbit #LOTRmoviesforever

Bryan King ‏@kingbry7
We didn’t get Tom Bombadil but we’re getting three Hobbit movies.

Chris Lovins ‏@chris_lovins
As much as I would LOVE for the Hobbit to be made into a trilogy, the more the merrier, I guess…I don’t think I could wait that long.

Thorin Thompson ‏@Nosfilmatu
Hoping this is true! More of The #Hobbit can only be a good thing right?

Mark J Musante ‏@mmusante
Wait, now there’s *three* Hobbit films? Egad, Brain, will this road go ever on and on? (taking bets on it expanding to four now!)

Alex Zalben ‏@azalben
Since Peter Jackson shot The Hobbit at 48fps, why doesn’t he just release it at 24fps? Then he could have FOUR movies instead of just three!

Leah Johnson ‏@LeahJohnson30
@The_HobbitMovie Three Hobbit movies? The more the merrier!

Tozzzoooo ‏@Tozzzz1991
three Hobbit films…. I can’t stop salivating

James Locker ‏@jameslocker
catching up on movie news earlier really don’t see the need to turn The Hobbit into a trilogy

Luke Grima | WGTTM? ‏@LGrima
BREAKING NEWS: These are the titles for Peter Jackson’s ‘Hobbit’ trilogy. THE HOBBIT, THE HOBBIT: WALK & THE HOBBIT: WALK HARDER

Reid Schmidt ‏@reidhschmidt
Peter, do not underestimate the powers of a franchise, or suffer George’s fate you will. #TheHobbit #Collider

Ste McInerney ‏@SteMaccaUK
Erm yeah I may just say that I’m excited that THERE WILL BE THREE HOBBIT FILMS!!!

Liam ‏@LiamAJack
So there will be three #hobbit films? Hasn’t this series Gollum long enough?

JustinNixon ‏@PhineasPoe
The book is only 300 pages long! @RELEVANT: Peter Jackson is considering making ‘The Hobbit’ into a trilogy

奥利弗·克拉克 ‏@Oli_Clark

Janet Brannigan ‏@jaybee2801
@The_HobbitMovie two max. Not sure how you can stretch to three. The Hobbit is a lovely book but no LOTR. Can’t wait until 14 Dec

Emily Martin ‏@emartin5
Three Hobbit films?!? THREE!!!???? My heart can’t handle the excitement.

Ian Joseph Aronoff ‏@muggleprince611
I understood two but now there is going to be THREE Hobbit movies? -_- talk about money hungry #thehobbit

Dakota Mancuso ‏@DakotaMancuso
The Hobbit is going to be divided into three movies? Sounds great, but they better be good Mr. Jackson! 😀 #TheHobbit

Shahin Khoygani ‏@ShahinKhoygani
They are making a trilogy out of the Hobbit?! Just more proof that Hollywood loves milking movies. Unbelievable.

Stanley Bain ‏@bainery
Please don’t turn into a George Lucas.

Diep Tran ‏@diepthought
The Hobbit may be a trilogy. That both excites and saddens me. Greediness is such a buzzkill

kobby ‏@Tha_MaihnYOU

THERE WILL BE THREE HOBBIT MOVIES!!!!  i hope Peter Jackson Knows what he is doing

Jordan ‏@JordanSamB
I would just like to inform everyone that The Hobbit is being split into 3 movies. THREE movies of awesomeness.

tom faciane ‏@Carnivaltom
‘The Hobbit’ to be a trilogy? Why not just release all three films on the same day instead? Or a single, nine hour movie? #LOTR

Mike Severance ‏@Messi92Mike
Any chance of me watching The Hobbit now rest on whether Jackson wakes up from this fever dream. I am not paying for three movies.

John Wie ‏@jwie86
Oh Peter J., I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy but even 2 films seems like a bit much for the Hobbit let alone 3

Andy Giff ‏@AndyGiff
The whole dividing books up into multiple films thing is getting ridiculous now. There’s no way The Hobbit can be justified as three parts.

Sophie Knowler ‏@eihposknowler
You have the nerve to miss out so much from The Deathly Hallows but make The Hobbit into a trilogy?! #injustice #priorities

Adam Terry ‏@McAdamSandwich
@VoodooDarling Probably one tequila shot away from a pre-Hobbit trilogy in 4k super HD 4D with DeLorean BTTF goggles.

Jared Lo ‏@jaredlo91
A single story should not be turned into a trilogy… *COUGH* THE HOBBIT *COUGH*

connor ross ‏@Connomnomnor
The Hobbit is gonna be a trilogy? It sure has a lot to live up to trilogy wise… #Batman #LotR #ToyStory

Garrett Stiger ‏@G_Stiggy
I’m getting to be more and more concerned about Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit. Two films and now possibly three?!

Anthony Hall ‏@amusichall
I could tell the Hobbit story in 30 mins. Or, if you prefer, I could tell it in three two-hour installments several months apart! Yay money!

Mary Martin ‏@WrestleCrow
The Hobbit’s going to be released as three films! Good news ladies, New Line Cinema has extended Legolas’ cameo from 3 minutes to 3 hours.

Michael McKiddy ‏@MichaelMcKiddy
Peter Jackson turning “The Hobbit” into a trilogy…I’m hoping this time around the third film will have 26 endings. #GollumFightsYoda

Colin Kershey ‏@ColinKershey
I hate this trend and 2 was overkill “@EW: Peter Jackson in talks about possibly turning ‘The Hobbit’ into a trilogy”

Gregory Hudson ‏@Greg_Hudson
So now ‘The Hobbit’ is going to be a trilogy? Hmm..skeptical on that one. But I’ll still watch em!

Matthew DiDonato ‏@mdidonato13
Just read The Hobbit could turn into a trilogy so more of the story can be told.. Awesome #TheHobbit

zachary winters ‏@wheresgreen
Peter Jackson in talks about possibly turning ‘The Hobbit’ into a trilogy  God, yes! A trilogy, please!

Stephanie  ‏@Dark_Rose_xoxo
“There is a good possibility that the originally planned 2 Hobbit movie release will turn into a full Trilogy.” OMG HAPPY DANCE! SO EXCITED!

RSSharkey ‏@RSSharkey
Please don’t… it’s enough that the Hobbit has already turned into two movies, don’t make it three!

Dan Wiencek ‏@DanWiencek
It’d be great if The Hobbit turned into three movies. There would be a prequel trilogy out there that was actually good.

Jen Hurler ‏@jenhurler
They’re turning The Hobbit into a trilogy. Did they learn nothing about the potential shitiness of prequel trilogies from Star Wars? T_T

Meyg ‏@meyglizzie
Also, if The Hobbit becomes a trilogy, NOTHING can be cut out. Not if you have like 9 hours to tell the story.

Joe Bua ‏@JoeWatchesTV
Ca-Ching! RT @aots Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit to become a trilogy?

Daniel Rankin ‏@DanielKRankin
Read #TheHobbit will be a trilogy. My predictions for movie titles: The Hobbit: There, The Hobbit 2: And Back, The Hobbit 3: Again

Perseverance ♕ ‏@RoseofEurope
The world can’t end ’til after Dec 2015!

Kim Espen ‏@Emmeth
So, The Hobbit is being made into a trilogy? I don’t know what to feel about this.

William Walsh ‏@TheDukeRaoul
It’s a little insane PJ wants to now make The Hobbit a trilogy, but i’m kinda onboard with it.

Kevin Church ‏@Kevin_Church
I read THE HOBBIT in an afternoon. Peter Jackson is going to turn it into three movies. Huh.

Chris Person ‏@Papapishu
Only Peter Jackson could turn the Hobbit into 3 movies.

d ‏@wegetgeek
the Hobbit in three movies? Jesus christ if I wasn’t so in love with LOTR I would think their crazy. Well I do think their crazy.

Peter Triezenberg ‏@IhaveFURY
Hobbit might be three movies? Not sure how I feel about that…

Jordan Hickman ‏@jordan_hickman
Woah woah woah. ‘The Hobbit’ is going to be a trilogy? Even with all the additional notes Thorin & company will be doing a lot of nothing.

John Bruni ‏@tusitalabruni
ARGH! THE HOBBIT is going to be a trilogy now?! Here’s a thought: try making ONE movie out of it. There’s not much there, Mr. Jackson.

Ethan Burnette ‏@EthanBurnette
So, a #Hobbit trilogy? I WANT to be excited, but just feels thin… Like butter scraped over too much bread. Anyone have any thoughts? #LOTR

Phil DiVuolo ‏@PhilboFaggins
LotR: ~1000 pages, 3 books, 3 movies. The Hobbit: ~300 pages, 1 book, possibly being made into a trilogy. No way am I spending $30 on that!

Terrence Aybar ‏@cinemaparker
Hobbit stretched into two films was already questionable but a trilogy? Right now a Tolkien is sharpening his sword, I guarantee it.

Kevin Li ‏@redtidal
#Hobbit will be made into a trilogy? Is there enough story? Why not a 10 hr mini series then?

Sam Hurwitt ‏@shurwitt
Peter Jackson considering making “The Hobbit” a trilogy. Hell, Jackson would make “Pat the Bunny” a 12-hour epic.

Mike Statham ‏@mjstatham
Hobbit to possibly become a trilogy? Im in! Make it so Jackson.

Pearl Floresca ‏@gorgeous_pearl
O! I hope Legolas will be on those 3

dust ‏@dustincmc
sorry but its really stupid that jackson wants to turn the hobbit into a trilogy. its not a long book at all. stupid stupid stupid.

Mark Meszoros ‏@nhfeatures
Not sure how I feel about this.

Muhammad Noormahomed ‏@_M_N_M_
Great but he’s pushing it a bit now

ron h ‏@ron_how
You guys, it’s probably going to be a Hobbit Trilogy. You guys…a trilogy.

Adam Gale ‏@ArgoTheatricals
Deathly Hallows, 2 parts. Hobbit, 3. What’s next? Pat the Bunny in 4 parts?

Jeremy Wilcox ‏@blueduck37
Not to whine like stereotypical internet geek, but this plan to make “The Hobbit” a trilogy is crazy. A 300-page book!

Carlota Martinho ‏@carlotagagaloo
Are you freaking kidding me? The Hobbit getting to be a trilogy would crush all LOTR fans. It would be awesome but it would be awful too.

Dipali Dey ‏@Dipali_Dey
Definitely want to watch The Hobbit. Loved The Lord of the Rings trilogy and I am sure I’m going to love this one too!

Leslie DesJardins ‏@laughsalltheway
The Hobbit may now be a trilogy? Yeesh. There’s gonna be a lot of artistic license taken, and not in a good way. #comeonpeterjackson

Joseph Chandler Cain ‏@JosephChanCain
The appendices are great reads, this is awesome! @sciencefiction

Jessica Gonzalez ‏@Youcanttigatag
I will pull all the hair off my head if Peter Jackson announces the Hobbit will be a trilogy. WHY WOULD YOU TOTURE ME LIKE THAT?!

StereoCultureSociety ‏@CultureInStereo
Take a break #LOTRgeeks, just breathe…

Ben Skipworth ‏@BenSkipworth
I just read that Peter Jackson is trying to stretch the Hobbit out to a trilogy. Nerd level: high.

Nazrin Zain ‏@Yuecchi86
Actually I do find it weird that Peter Jackson is extending The Hobbit to be a trilogy, considering the source material isn’t all that long.

RC (FoO) ‏@shadowbottle
WTH? Really? Now there’s talk of breaking up The Hobbit into a -TRILOGY-. MIXED EMOTIONS.

Kelly Lawler ‏@klawls
I just, can’t wrap my mind around “The Hobbit” as a dark trilogy. Tolkein called it a kids book…

James Fox ‏@Jamez1502
I don’t know about anyone else but I really don’t want the hobbit to be a trilogy, I’d prefer two films and two very much extended editions

mike beebe ‏@mikebeebe
So now Peter Jackson wants to turn The Hobbit, a 300 page children’s story, into a TRILOGY? How? WHY?!?!?

Brian Solomon ‏@Brian_Solomon
The idea that Peter Jackson could make The Hobbit into a trilogy as long as The Lord of the Rings is crazy.

Patrick Czekaj ‏@PatrickCzekaj
Peter Jackson’s crazy idea to make The Hobbit into a trilogy is sure tempting, but not exactly necessary.

Sean Hall ‏@SeanHa1l
so now Peter Jackson wants to turn The Hobbit into a #trilogy…… okayyyy slow down there buddy ole pal.. 2 films is enough for the hobbit

Libba Poindexter ‏@novelwords
i have some major reservations about the hobbit becoming a trilogy, but i absolutely trust PJ to make it fabulous either way. #hobbit2012

John Vanderhoef ‏@johnvanderhoef
As much as I am anticipating the Hobbit films, I can’t see a trilogy of content here without sacrificing pacing and story structure.

Mike Henderson ‏@MikeSHenderson
As much as I want to see every possible second of Jackson-made Tolkien material on-screen, I’d rather a huge DVD set than a Hobbit trilogy.

Jake Gorton ‏@JakeGorton
The hobbit trilogy seems odd as the book is so short. PJ must be bringing the appendices into action. To be fair the more the better!#hobbit

Gregory du Tertre ‏@gregdut
I have a feeling I could use this film for a production value class exercise with the production students!

Marty Fleming ‏@Jeffbiscuits
@totalfilm #TFDebate Hobbit is my favourite book of all time. If Jackson thinks it will work as a trilogy then I’m not complaining.

Graham vanPietersom ‏@DarthGraham
The Hobbit becoming a trilogy…..I could enjoy that!

Jesse Ryan ‏@JesseRyan
they may be making the hobbit a trilogy rather than just two movies. life just got more awesome. and that’s not sarcasm.

Kitkat Pecson ‏@kitkatpecson
@tinfinities I would sacrifice a virgin for a Hobbit trilogy. #kidding #notreally #justinbieber

Michael Cantrell ‏@GrabBagCinema
I guess I’m missing why people are up in arms over Peter Jackson having ‘The Hobbit’ as a trilogy. Give me as much Middle Earth as you can.

Tony Hess ‏@T_4_Tony
Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg Peter Jackson might make the hobbit into a trilogy!!!!! Ahhhh too much joy to handle! hyper….ventilating..

Charles Lewis III ‏@simonpatt
Peter Jackson wants to expand “The Hobbit” from a bloated two-parter to a bloated THREE-parter. I want to see it, but dude… Let. It. Go.

Nick ‏@nicknewt
Wait, what’s this I’m hearing about The Hobbit stretching to three movies instead of two now? I’m not sure what I think of that.

Grace ‏@InJinSong
I want Hobbit Trilogy. I kinda sensed PJ has set his mind on Trilogy when he interviewed at Comic con. Now No one can stop him.


So, there you have it. What do YOU think about this possible turn of events? Talk to us on Twitter @theoneringnet.