Peter Jackson has just posted a lengthy message on his Facebook even as he jets out to make for the land where Hobbit Con, erm, Comic Con is in full swing.

Highlights include:

  • A new production vlog that should soon be ready, including behind-the-scenes footage of their experiences at Comic Con, and perhaps bits of the Hobbit Reel that will be showcased there too.
  • Confirmation that September is the month we’ll finally get that new trailer we’ve all been clamouring for.

PJ also explains at length his decision to film the Hobbit Reel at 24 fps and in 2D at Comic Con, stating that the only way one can make a fair judgement about the higher frame rate is not by glimpsing quick clips in a trailer-like sequence, but rather by experiencing the story in its entirety – tremendous reassurance that, come December, it would be worth our whiles to embolden ourselves and experience The Hobbit at least once in 48 fps, in a good cinema.

For now, all eyes are on Comic Con and tomorrow’s highly-anticipated Warner Bros. Hobbit panel. You can be sure TORn’s staffers will be bringing you the most comprehensive coverage of the event via our special Hobbit @ Comic Con webspace.