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Archive for June, 2012

Rare Hobbit World Premiere experience you can go to

NOTE: For full details on the trip, click here.

New Zealand is a remarkable country by any account. Its rugged beauty and friendly, easy-going yet self-reliant people make visiting a pleasure. The island nation for 4 million people is famous for its beauty but when Peter Jackson unleashed “The Lord of the Rings,” movie trilogy on a skeptical world, New Zealand was discovered to be playing the character of Middle-earth — without any make-up.

Jackson’s film trilogy went on to have a giant cultural impact and by the time “Return of the King,” opened, the studio and Jackson let New Zealand capital Wellington host the party. It was unforgettable and now legendary with a parade of participants and all the star power that could be imagined. The people of New Zealand were happy to share their treasure and even the cast became intimately connected with the country.

When that experience happens again, will be there along with fans from around the world to celebrate the final journey to Middle-earth and we think you should join us. This time instead of ending the films’ kickoff in New Zealand, Warner Bros. is opening them there. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” will show first to cast, studio and guests on November 28, 2012. Wellington will literally roll out the red carpet and throw a city-wide party at it celebrates its nation’s gigantic impact into popular culture. The Comic-Con lineup for this year’s Hobbit has people buzzing but every one of those guests and so many more will also be at the premiere, in some ways putting Comic-Con to shame. (more…)

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Hall of Fire this weekend: your ideal Hobbit trailer!

This weekend, Hall of Fire will resume with a lighthearted chat where we all get to play the role of director on the Hobbit.

Because this Saturday June 30 (at 6pm New York time) we’ll be asking the question: “What would you put in the next Hobbit trailer?”. Or if you prefer, what’s your ideal Hobbit trailer?

Come join us then and play director yourself! (more…)

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Red Carpet Hobbit Premiere Tour: Places limted

Red Carpet Tours is making a final call for fans planning to make the pilgrimage to New Zealand for ‘The Hobbit’ Premiere. This is the deluxe 14-day tour covering both islands of New Zealand, with visits to all the major LOTR and Hobbit film locations as well as automatic inclusion at the Hobbit Premiere Party in Wellington on November 26th. If you are travelling half way round the world for the event, you need to ‘Make the most of the time given to you’. Red Carpet Tours has been running these tours now for 10 years, and this year was awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, as well as stellar ratings from Rankers. There is only limited space available, so book soon!

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“New Zealand: where fantasy meets reality”

Tourism New Zealand seems super-keen to maximise the tourism opportunities that The Hobbit is offering. Chief executive Kevin Bowler says that new 100% Pure commercials, designed to sell New Zealand to the world, will be “hugely influenced by The Hobbit”.

A theme of the new marketing strategy will be “New Zealand: where fantasy meets reality”.

New advertisements will feature people enjoying what the country had to offer. Bowler says that previous images of rolling hills, lush bush and green pastures had given the impression New Zealand was beautiful, yet deserted, and visitors would struggle to find activities to occupy themselves.


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Uni of Illinois professor gives Tolkien talk

The University of Illinois has just announced a topic for its Engaged Citizenship Common Experience Speakers Series. On July 17, 2012, it will present Sanctifying Myths: The currency of class, gender, and courage in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings & Peter Jackson’s films.

Dr Donna Bussell, PhD, will highlight Tolkien’s understanding of the spiritual and cultural work of mythology and manifestations of courage in major characters such as Frodo, Sam, Arwen and Aragorn.

Her talk also explores the importance of minor characters whose roles (and lower status) reveal much about the nature of courage in relation to class and gender in the story. Bussell concludes with a few thoughts on how these ideas are (or are not) treated in Jackson’s films, and the implications of these revisions for the transmission of Tolkien’s ideals.


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Sylvester McCoy at Armageddon Expo this weekend!

Folks in Christchurch have the chance to catch Sylvester McCoy at the Armageddon Expo today (Sat June 30) and tomorrow (Sun July 1) at the Stables in Addington Raceway.

Entry is $5, and McCoy will be signing between 3pm and 5pm both days. He’s also doing a Doctor Who panel (I saw it I swear!) but I can’t currently locate the time on the Armageddon website.


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‘Hobbit’ lineup announced for Comic-Con includes Jackson, McKellen, Serkis, Armitage, Freeman, Boyens

SAN DIEGO – Warner Bros. today announced what has been suspected and rumored: the studio is bringing “The Hobbit,” to the San Diego Comic-Con in a big way. Most surprising is just how big as director Peter Jackson, producer and co-screenwriter Philippa Boyens, actor and director Andy Serkis along with featured actors Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage are all expected at the Saturday, July 14 Comic-Con panel hosted by Warner Bros. The film sharing the three-hour slot with “The Hobbit,” is none other than “Hobbit” co-writer Guillermo del Toro‘s “Pacific Rim.” The director is also expected to be in attendance.’s team of 13 staffers (a lucky 13 that works nicely with the source material) will be reporting from the scene as much as possible, bringing the emotions, news, photos, video and quotes to the online audience.

The studio has been relatively quiet on the publicity front considering the budget and cultural size of the two films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” (celebrating its 75th anniversary in print this year) releasing a single trailer, a series of character photos and letting Peter Jackson’s own production diaries on his Facebook page function as pre-film publicity. That seems to be changing in a single moment as WB drops an atomic bomb of Middle-earth star power at the central event of the popular-culture calendar. (more…)

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Quick update to the TORn Hobbit Premiere story

The biggest question received about the TORn Hobbit Premiere tour has been whether or not people living down in New Zealand, or already traveling through the region, can attend the Red Carpet/TORn premiere party. The answer is yes, but the tickets are not on sale just yet. Everyone thought it best to wait until after the madness and mayhem of comic con was over before returning our minds to Middle-earth er, New Zealand. Once Red Carpet Tours has their Party ticket registration form live and online, we will post that link. For everyone else who isn’t a local resident or already traveling through the region, feel free to conside Red Carpet Tour’s full tour, or our little Middle-earth week long getaway. Follow the link for Tour Details.

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V48Hours entries impress Jackson

Peter Jackson doubts he could make a film in 48 hours — especially ones as accomplished as those produced by film-makers in the V48Hours film competition.

“Every year there are great movies. You see people who are being incredibly inventive and I think, ‘there is no way I could make that in 48 hours’.”

“I’m full of admiration,” he says.


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One ringer explains her SDCC excitement

Shannon O’Toole is a life-long Lord of the Rings fan. In this blogpost on the San Diego Comic-Con Unoffocial Blog, she details why fellow-fans should be excited for this year’s edition.

As the release of The Hobbit approaches and Middle-earth once again lights up movie screens across the globe, The Lord of the Rings, the film trilogy that introduced many to Tolkien’s world for the first time, has received a revitalization of sorts.

TORn’s panel (10:15 on Thursday in room 6DE, folks) even gets a mention!


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The Comic con blitz from TORn has begun

Today, San Diego Comic con began to roll out their full programming schedule. It starts with Preview Night and screenings of numerous Pilots for the Fall TV season (this reporter has seen Arrow and I highly recommend it), followed by the full schedule for Thursday, including TORn’s 10:15am panel in Room 6DE (one of the Top 5 rooms at comiccon and a well earned upgrade for us). The next 3 days will see the rest of the schedule fall into place, and then you can expect updates and changes right up until the convention starts, and sometimes even during the convention. will have a large slate of staffers in attendance, 13 in all, a Baker’s Dozen to be sure. Odd how that mirrors the number of Dwarves on this Unexpected Journey, now isn’t it? This is the largest we have ever had, if memory serves correctly. There will be live tweets, facebook posts and streaming content as often as possible from numerous locations on the exhibit hall floor and from numerous panels throughout the weekend. With 13 people running around, if something cool happens somewhere in SDCC, you will be the first to know. And remember, we are also going to be in not one, but two locations on the Exhibit Hall floor. We will be with are dear friends at Badali Jewelry at booth #530/532 and with our commrades from WETA a booth #3513B (inside the Gentle Giant booth). Oh, and one last note, we are hosting a little Tolkien Cosplay after our panel, about 11:30am-11:45am outside on the Terrace behind the Sails Pavillion on Thursday. Bring your costumes, bring you smiles and bring your cameras.

Let the mayhem begin. Although, why not start with the Convention Rules page before digging into the actual schedule Here!

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PaigeBlackie Gallery reveals Dean O’Gorman’s art

A week or so ago, we reported that Dean O’Gorman was about to debut a an exhibition of his artwork and photography in Wellington at the PageBlackie Gallery.

Now PageBlackie has uploaded a small sample. They really are beautiful pieces of art, and well worth a look. You’ll also probably note the resemblance of some pieces to certain actors from The Hobbit.

O’Gorman dressed and set up the shots himself… [roping] in friends to play the soldiers, and fellow cast members from The Hobbit. (One features British actor Adam Brown who plays the dwarf Ori, and another has Luke Evans, who plays Bard the Bowman).

O’Gorman, who fell in love with photography at school, was a big fan of Vietnam War photographers including Larry Burrows and Don McCullin, as well as other war photographers such as the legendary Robert Capa.

“They were beautiful images and I loved how they made me feel. I loved the rawness and the humanness that was captured. I thought wouldn’t it be cool to try and stage something that could allow you to potentially feel something similar, but wasn’t actually real?

“I’m not trying to trick anybody, but I’m just trying to play with the idea of how do you feel about something that is not real but is made to seem real?. Movies do it all the time, but a lot of times in photography I find it’s approached with quite an obvious parody, or quite an obvious irony, and I wanted to try to be a bit more sincere.”

Thanks to Ringer Dragonslayer731 for the heads-up.

[Gallery] | [ feature]

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