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New Zealand is a remarkable country by any account. Its rugged beauty and friendly, easy-going yet self-reliant people make visiting a pleasure. The island nation for 4 million people is famous for its beauty but when Peter Jackson unleashed “The Lord of the Rings,” movie trilogy on a skeptical world, New Zealand was discovered to be playing the character of Middle-earth — without any make-up.

Jackson’s film trilogy went on to have a giant cultural impact and by the time “Return of the King,” opened, the studio and Jackson let New Zealand capital Wellington host the party. It was unforgettable and now legendary with a parade of participants and all the star power that could be imagined. The people of New Zealand were happy to share their treasure and even the cast became intimately connected with the country.

When that experience happens again, will be there along with fans from around the world to celebrate the final journey to Middle-earth and we think you should join us. This time instead of ending the films’ kickoff in New Zealand, Warner Bros. is opening them there. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” will show first to cast, studio and guests on November 28, 2012. Wellington will literally roll out the red carpet and throw a city-wide party at it celebrates its nation’s gigantic impact into popular culture. The Comic-Con lineup for this year’s Hobbit has people buzzing but every one of those guests and so many more will also be at the premiere, in some ways putting Comic-Con to shame.

Those who make the journey will be told how lucky they are, and yes, traveling across the world, staying in first-rate hotels and visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set isn’t inexpensive. But we have arranged TORn’s Hobbit World Premiere experience to minimize the required time away from school, work and family and to be centered around seeing the cast and crew celebrate the opening of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” and the incredible, can’t-miss visit to what looks and feels and smells just like Hobbitn.

New Zealand will always be available but the world premiere of the first of these films, in the homeland of the people who made it, happens only once. If you have questions or are considering the trip please contact our travel specialist Cathy at or In many cases she can even speak with you on the phone.

If you have more time to spend to really see New Zealand and see more sights from the LOTR trilogy as well as Hobbit locations, please consider taking one of the few remaining spots on the tour with our friends, Red Carpet Tours.