Glaurung writes: Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh were at the Skyline Gondola park in Queenstown today – Peter and Fran went past me on the chairlift for the Skyline Luge twice. Perhaps they were scouting locations? Or merely sightseeing.

From Reputed to be the steepest lift in the Southern Hemisphere, the gondola carries visitors high above Queenstown to the Skyline complex located on Bob’s Peak. Situated an easy five minute walk from central Queenstown, the gondola is an all weather tourist attraction in its own right. Sit back and relax as the views from the gondola unfold while you journey to the Skyline complex. The best vistas in the region are found here, spread out in a spectacular 220 degree panorama. Numerous observation decks around the complex offer breathtaking views of Coronet Peak & The Remarkables, over Queenstown and across Lake Wakatipu to Cecil and Walter Peaks. Truly magnificent and awe-inspiring.


  1. Elguapo

    Where did the reference to convicted murderer Damien Echols go to? Why was it removed?

    Is Sir Peter going to make a habit of getting convicted child killers exemptions in order to get into New Zealand?

    • Mary

      Only if they plead guilty to murdering three children & get a free pass out of prison.  Sickening, isn’t it?

      • Hotwheelzzzzz

        Read up on the West Memphis Three case or watch the “Paradise Lost” documentaries before you pass judgment on Jackson’s support of Echols. I’m from Arkansas, and I can tell you: it was a huge miscarriage of justice — a frame-up from the beginning. Echols was almost surely innocent, and was convicted with absolutely no physical evidence solely because prosecutors spun the crimes as satanic murders in a very backward corner of what can be a very backward state. Inform yourself before you form an opinion.

      • JacobColl

        Gee, I wonder why the State of Arkansas just up and decided to let a man walk off death row rather deal with a likely re-trial?

        People like you who are fanning flames of hatred against these innocent men (and they do all maintain their innoncene) are what’s sickening.

  2. Anonymous

    I used to live in Queenstown….and I can tell you by the making of videos, as well as other news, that they are filming in Glenorchy right now, which is only a 40 minute drive from Queenstown. Beorns house is build on the woodline there and the fact that they are shipping in the animals, like stinky the goat (or whatever his name was) only proves that this is where Peter would be. 

  3. Blackangel0627

    How can you support a convicted child muderer, It is by far sickening. By far you should have better things do to with your money than support a murderer. He will kill again.

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