1. If Tauriel can be in The Hobbit why can’t Haldir???

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand the connection here. Tauriel is a made up character for the Hobbit movie and Haldir is a character in Lord of the Rings book.

  2. Quacking_troll

    I don’t think shooting has started. Costume fittings and character training started last week, they are scheduled to start filming on Sept 5th

  3. Jaidoprism7

    Haldir would have more bearing on the movie than a fictional fictional character?!?!?  No one has ever received that rating, by the way.  Geez.  A fake fictional…?  whatever.  Its probably going to be brilliant but I was holding my breath in fond anticipation but I got a punch in the gut twice already:  Once when seeing the comical look of the dwarfs and now this.  My shoulders are sagging but I have hope.  God! I hope I’m right.

  4. Lotr54hi

    Haldir lives in Lothlorien, which won’t factor into the story.  Galadriel is a member of the White Council, which is why she will be in the movies.  This Tauriel is supposed to be a Mirkwood Elf.

    • Anonymous

      I think that Tauriel will be one of those nameless Mirkwood elves in the book. In other words she could be one of the elf extras in the book which will be raised from a nameless character to something more specific, without romantic connection to Legolas.
      Which I think could be fine.

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