Spielberg and Jackson together at Comic-Con 2011
TheOneRing.net had a pretty amazing week at Comic-Con, including broadcasting live from the convention floor in San Diego and talking with fans as well as legends of cinema, literature and the world of comics. Our Thursday panel filled the 500 person room to capacity but unfortunately left another 1,000 unable to enter. But somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 watched it live, expanding our audience far beyond the numbers of any physical crowd at the convention.

The annual popular culture celebration is over but our coverage continues. If you visit TheOneRing.net/live you can see highlights from our streaming experience. In addition we have articles coming from our one-on-one with actor and director Andy Serkis and the press conference with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg (not to be confused with the panel discussion) so look for more content in the coming week.

We also will feature updates on our Traveling Gandalf that all fans can hopefully participate in. Thanks sincerely to those who purchased t-shirts, watched us live and read our stories. Finally, expect The Hobbit to impact SDCC in a huge way in 2012 and TORn will be there to bring it to you but we suggest getting tickets before it sells out as it always does. Come join the fun in 2012.

Some TORn coverage from Comic-Con 2011:
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