During, Comic-Con 2011 Weta released the next amazing environment from their The Lord of the Rings line. The item is noneother than Orthanc the home or Saruman during the battle for The One Ring. This version of Orthanc is before we see Saruman tear apart Isengard to use in his part of making war in Middle-Earth.

The detailing in Orthanc is off the charts! It looks like the statue is made from real obsidian and pulled from what we saw on screen during the trilogy. The addition of the trees add a feel of peace that this location had before Saruman sold himself out to Sauron. For owners who have Orthanc after Saruman destroyed the beauty that you see here the comparisons will make for one of the cooler looks in any The Lord of the Rings collecton.

Orthanc, will go up for order through Weta’s site next Sunday, July 31st. Times will be listed below so you know when to have yourself ready to order. It has an open edition size so folks can add this truly important location in Middle Earth to their collection.

Now, we have something for the fans to help Weta out with this truly awesome collectible. We are going to be running a naming competition to give this piece an “official” title. Keep your eyes to TheOneRing.Net in the next few days. When the competition is announced you the collector will play a major role in this superb collectible from Weta.

Orthanc Order times:

  • US Pacific – Sunday 31 July 2PM
  • US Eastern – Sunday 31 July 5PM
  • UK – Sunday 31 July 10PM
  • Europe – Sunday 31 July 11PM
  • Sydney – Monday 1 August 7AM
  • Wellington – Monday 1 August 9AM