Thanks to Lissuin for the heads up! Andrew Sorcini writes: The The Adventures of Tintin panel began with something very special for the Comic-Con audience today in San Diego: a retrospective of Steven Spielberg‘s career, and the presentation of Comic-Con’s Inkpot lifetime achievement award to the respected filmmaker himself, which he receieved to a standing ovation. Spielberg discussed how even before he knew about Tintin, his films had been compared to Herge’s work for years. When preparing to develop the film, he approached Weta to ask them to show him a test of Tintin’s dog Snowball, to see if CGI would be a proper medium. He then showed that presumed test, which featured producer Peter Jackson as Capt. Haddock, with a CGI Snowy behind him, performing tricks and getting drunk from Haddock’s whiskey. More..

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