In a 13 page feature on ex-Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro, The New Yorker magazine offers some tasty morsels concerning Guillermo’s vision for Smaug, directly from the director’s own notebook.

But, fans please do remember, del Toro left the production after this interview was granted and things have likely changed. He is repeatedly on the record as supporting whatever decisions Peter Jackson and crew make after his departure and he is one of the two-film production’s biggest fans. Just remember to read the story in that context.

*Possible Spoiler Alert!*

I paused at what looked like an image of a double-bitted medieval hatchet. “That’s Smaug,” del Toro said. It was an overhead view: “See, he’s like a flying axe.” Del Toro thinks that monsters should appear transformed when viewed from a fresh angle, lest the audience lose a sense of awe. Defining silhouettes is the first step in good monster design, he said. “Then you start playing with movement. The next element of design is color. And then finally—finally—comes detail. A lot of people go the other way, and just pile up a lot of detail.”

The article is a marvelous read, so we aren’t going to just copy and paste the good stuff. That just wouldn’t be right! Jump over to The New Yorker’s website for the complete article and more juicy details, including Del Toro’s vision of Thorin. [Full Article]


  1. Nerdle

    I really like Guillermo Del Toro, but I’m so glad Jackson is back.

  2. default

    I’m glad Jackson is at the helm and not GDT. I want a faithful rendition of Smaug and not a flying T-Rex shaped like an ax.

  3. Richardafranklin

    Having read the “New Yorker”article on GDT, I am relieved that he will not be directing “The Hobbit”, which is a prequel to LOTR and which must be treated as if it were history. His udoubted talents lie elsewhere, and I expect that “creative differences” would (if they already have not) have made his directorial role impossible.

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