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Name: Smaug
Alias: Smaug the ... Magnificent, Golden, Tremendous, Chiefest and Greatest of Calamaties, Mighty, unassessably wealthy, Dreadful, Lord Smaug the Impenetrable, the Dragon, the monster, Old Worm, Worm of Dread
Date of Birth: Unknown
Race: Dragon (fire-drake)
Height: Very tall/long
Date of Death: T.A. 2941
Alignment: Evil
Parents: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None
Description: Smaug is red-gold in color, has a long body, four legs, and two bat-like wings. Like most dragons, he has a scaly hide above that is impervious to most attacks. What makes Smaug unique, however, is that he has developed an equally powerful shield on his otherwise soft and vulnerable underbelly, made up of the jewels and gold on which he had been sleeping for two centuries. His underbelly shield has one weak spot on the left breast, which is noticed by Bilbo. This information ultimately leads to Smaug's undoing.


Smaug is one of the last great dragons of Middle-earth. He attacked the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor, also known as the Lonely Mountain, and the neighboring town of Dale. Driving out the Dwarves, Smaug took over the Lonely Mountain and laid claim to all of the treasure within. For two hundred years, he has lived in the Lonely Mountain, guarding the treasure. The people of the nearby town of Esgaroth, or Lake-town, live in constant fear that one day the sleeping dragon might awake.

In Tolkien’s letters, he describes the name “Smaug” as the past-tense form of the old Germanic term smeugan, which means “to squeeze through a hole.” This is significant, because the Dwarves ponder, at the beginning of The Hobbit, whether Smaug was able to squeeze through the secret entrance to the Lonely Mountain.

Memorable Quotes

  • “You have nice manners for a thief and a liar.” (to Bilbo)
  • “Don’t talk to me! … I know the smell (and taste) of dwarf — no one better.” (to Bilbo)
  • “Bless me! Had you never thought of the catch?” (to Bilbo)
  • “My armor is like tenfold shields. My teeth are like swords. My claws, spears. The shock of my tail, a thunderbolt. My wings, a hurricane. And my breath, death.” (to Bilbo)