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Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens Talk ‘The Hobbit’ Boycott, MEAA, Filming Locations Etc.

October 22, 2010 at 9:06 pm by xoanon  - 

Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens were interviewed on radio NZ last Thursday (before unions lifted the blacklist on ‘The Hobbit’). Both ladies are clearly frustrated at the situation and are not afraid to show it. With WB execs flying in next week it is clear that Walsh, Boyens and Jackson are the only 3 people that can possibly save The Hobbit from leaving NZ. If they manage to prove NZ is a good choice as a location to make the films all can be saved. Now we wait…

These clips were previously available as MP3’s, however to add them to YouTube we’ve added a few photos of Fran, Philippa and Peter through the years. Take a listen.

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Key to Erebor

2 responses to “Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens Talk ‘The Hobbit’ Boycott, MEAA, Filming Locations Etc.”

  1. The one thing that amazes me sofar when listening/watching to all the journalists’ interviews on the subject, is the journalistic pretense of “staying fair to both parties” by giving them the same amount of credibility and not taking sides at all, whatever the evidence. It’s CEOs/politicians who should be cautious of unions, not journalists (or did I miss something?)

    I think one factor is really understated : it’s the role the media had in relaying the union’s claims in the first place (sure, what a sensational piece of news : the hobbit hijacked by a minor local union) and giving them such an amount of coverage (and hence in people’s mind, credit).

    From a foreigner’s point of view, it feels like NZ journalists still really are afraid that the ‘conspiration theroy’ (of Studios having wanted to take the first opportunity to move production abroad, after having already invested tens of millions in stage building) might be true. I mean, seriously.

    Dunno how this wil turn out, but seen from here, the news media show nothing but a reluctance to stand together with thousands of workers against a hundred, and try and protect one of the most important issue ever in terms of impacting NZ’s image abroad. And I’m not only talking about the NZ film industry.

    I wouldn’t really mind if the whole behaviour wasn’t contributing to discredit one of the most genuine success stories ever : the filmmaker behind Bad Taste undertaking to port to the big screen the reputed unfilmable LOTR, doing it brilliantly, giving international scope to the most amazing special effect studio, making his country stand in people’s minf internationally as the place where Middle Earth was recreated,… PJ proved that New York could be filmed in Wellington, and has put together the best reconstitution ever of the city in his King Kong movie. All that, and the jobs of all these amazing people working in the Wingnut/weta teams, not even counting the tourism industry also benefiting from it, being put in jeopardy by lack of courage from a few key-personalities totally unrelated to it in the first place,… It’s flabergasting.

    Like… Elves turned into Orcs.

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