Rumors have hit the interwebs today that there is an now an official greenlight for ‘The Hobbit’ which we have learned is not true and further have learned that that 3D is a bit unlikely at this point. A greenlight would mean that Warner Bros. either with MGM or despite MGM and its uncertain future, have approved a budget and put the movie-making machine in motion. We checked with our global spy network and our own Xoanon heard back from sources in New Zealand that this is not true. So fans, calm those heart palpitations. Update #1: Another rock-solid trusted source has checked in with duplicate info so if there were any doubts, obliterate them. No lights are green*.

On the side of good news, a completely different source (yes, a third) confirmed that word is out to those involved with the production to prepare for a potential November start date. So while there isn’t officially a ‘go’ on the pair of films to be directed by Guillermo del Toro and produced by Peter Jackson, the film industries in Hollywood and Wellington are still keeping that target in mind. That, as Kiwis can tell you, turns out to be just about the right time to shoot on Hobbiton. And, if it wasn’t clear already, the moment, yea, the instant we hear official word has been given, we will post it here. *Update #2: There is nothing definitive but a highly placed source also tells us today (thanks to the ‘green’ ruckus) that 3D looks less likely at this point. Reading between the lines, 3D would add to both budget and schedule and the parties involved don’t want to sacrifice story or shooting time just to have 3D flicks.