The guys over at MTV caught up with the incredibly talented and extremely busy co-founder and director of WETA, the Oscar Award winning Richard Taylor, right after he got off “a big meeting about how to make the new designs of armor for the new film” no less. Taylor  shared a deal of information regarding the early pre-production that’s been going on in New Zealand while the rest of the world is anticipating the long-awaited greenlight for the two Hobbit films.

“The lovely thing about ‘The Hobbit'”, says Taylor, “is that the race of the dwarves comes to the forefront in the story, and [we’ll depict] the uniqueness of the collection of the dwarves. There’s a journey through the story with Bilbo, and that’s something that’s incredibly exciting — that we’re going to have a chance to feed and develop and watch them take on a much greater presence than the one dwarf named Gimli was able to in the Lord of the Rings. Gimli had an incredible presence, of course, but he was only one character. And it’s fantastic to think that we’re going to be able to develop the dwarves to such a higher degree … the richness of their culture. The fact that through so many different dwarfs, you’ll get to appreciate their cultural differences, where they come from, them as a people.”

Taylor had more to say concerning the early design phase that they’re currently in, about the new and wonderful worlds that the story of The Hobbit takes you to, and about working with Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson.

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