Empire Magazine has published their 500 Greatest Movies list gauged in a poll of critics, filmmakers and the public. I’m still scouring the entire list to get you some individual actor’s achievements, however the breakdown for the LOTR trilogy is:

The Fellowship of the Ring: 24
The Two Towers: 54
The Return of the King: 34

Peter Jackson’s King Kong clocks in at 450, Empire writes: Most remakes are exercises in money-grubbing cynicism, but Peter Jackson’s King Kong is all about love – for a film, a monster, a style of cinema and a child’s instant bonding with a screen icon.

Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste clocks in at 416, Empie writes: Filmed during four years’ worth of weekends by Jackson and his mates, this cheerfully psychotic tale of human-eating aliens had its micro-budget funded in part by a New Zealand government grant.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is 132: Guillermo del Toro fuses personal and commercial interests with a tale of the power of fairy tale, even against the grimmest of political settings: the Spanish Civil War.

You can see the entire list here.