Kaitlyn LuskKaitlyn Lusk will include four songs from the LOTR soundtrack–May It Be, Breaking The Fellowship, Gollum’s Song, Into the West–on her new recording, FilmSong. You can hear a preview and purchase a Special Edition Single of “Into the West” at her website.

Kaitlyn is the featured vocal soloist for the Lord of the Rings Symphony and the Fellowship of the Ring Symphony (performed live to the movie) and is a big fan of the music. She wrote at Doug Adams’ blog:

Sitting next to the conductor and directly in front of the orchestra, I’m the only person who takes in both the audience’s perspective as well as that of the musicians. Whether through the vibrations of my seat, or looking out into the enraptured crowd, I’ve uniquely witnessed hundreds of nights filled with the human and artistic emotions that are inspired by Tolkien’s story and Howard Shore’s beloved music. After five years of singing this music…I can whole-heartedly say I am as thrilled today as I was the first time I got the call to sing. Funny story: after jumping and screaming on the phone they asked if I needed the music and I replied, “Are you kidding? I already know it!”

Thanks to Doug Adams for his heads up on Kaitlyn’s new recording.

Photo by Chuck Fong.

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