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  1. It’s serendipiditous that Amazon’s LOTR production has all this extra time whereas The Hobbit had no time to refine…

  2. Interesting fact: Betty White used to be Betty Grey until she fought the Balrog and was reborn.

  3. New Line green lit LOTR in 1998 and we watched Fellowship together 3 years later. 🕰

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Fran Walsh Joins The Music of LOTR

Doug Adams had asked Fran Walsh to write a short foreword for his new book, “The Music of the LOTR Films”.

Anything that she thought was appropriate: musings on Tolkien and music, memories of working with Howard on the films… anything, really. I trusted her implicitly.

This morning, that foreword arrived with this message,

Hi Doug, Pete and I think your book reads really well and found it to be completely engaging! Congratulations!

A book release party is scheduled in conjunction with the October Radio City Music Hall, FOTR Live concert.

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McKellan’s King Lear on PBS this week

If you couldn’t catch Sir Ian McKellen on stage as King Lear, then tune in this week when the PBS program, Great Performances, features the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production. After airing March 25th on TV, (check the site for show times in your area), the play, originally staged in Stratford-upon-Avon in the spring of 2007, will be available online.

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John Howe Joins The Music of LOTR

Doug Adams

Doug Adams

Doug has announced that John Howe is creating an original illustration for Doug’s upcoming book, “The Music of the LOTR Films“. Doug writes that Howe’s “Melkor’s Theme”…

(is) a stunning work — a vortex of detail that exposes layers of details and nuance with each viewing. Here Howe has depicted…the face of Melkor and the fury of his contact with a dawning world.

Doug also added that another guest contributor would be announced in the next few weeks. “The Music of the LOTR Films” will be released in conjunction with “The Rarities Archive”, a collection of music that was composed for the LOTR films, but not used.

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Warner Brothers to release a LOTR soundtrack “Rarities Archive”

After spending Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday week riddling, Doug Adams announced what the ‘other major release’ his book will be tied to: LOTR: THE RARITIES ARCHIVE, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter 2009. There will be substantially more rarities material released. Doug’s initial project was limited in terms of budget (buying rights from Warner Brothers). WBR owns all this so licensing rights is not an issue. Doug wrote:

“This means that CONSIDERABLY more music is now available for the project! You will see why this qualifies as something “major,” I promise. And as I’ve said, there is some incredible LOTR music that no one has ever heard.”

It can get a bit confusing even to those of us who keep abreast of the subject so I’m going to be very methodical and touch on what’s already been relesed, what we know will be released in the future and what is new as of September 26…

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Doug Adams book will be tied in to ‘another major release’

Doug Adams has just announced that the release of his book, “The Music of the LOTR Films”, will be tied in to ‘another major release’. The downside is they are no longer considering November, 2008 as a potential release date. The upside, however, is that the whole project will take on a larger scale. Doug writes:

Deluxe just got deluxe-er… again… heck, even standard got deluxe-er this time! Oh, and if you’re still not convinced, let it be noted that you’re also likely to get significantly more unused music in your hands this way. Yes, I said “significantly.”

The intriguing question that remains is, what is this other ‘major release’? Let the speculation begin.

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Update on LOTR score book

Doug Adams, author of the upcoming book, “The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films”, has posted an update on the book’s progress: the book cover is still a work in progress, he’s hoping to include some of Shore’s pencil sketches, and numerous examples of notated music passages will be provided from throughout the score. Perhaps the most unexpected news was this:

The book project has now attracted the attention of a number of corporate entities. There is a potential to tie a couple of ideas together and perhaps make a bigger deal out of this release than was originally anticipated. 

Read More

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Ian McKellen’s King Lear to Be Shown on TV, DVD

Ian McKellenDid you miss Ian McKellen in last year’s King Lear performances?

Theater Mania reports:

The RSC’s recent production of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, directed by Trevor Nunn and with Ian McKellen in the title role, is being filmed for HD TV. It will be broadcast on England’s BBC Channel 4 in December, as well as being broadcast on PBS in the autumn and a number of other TV stations internationally, including NHK Japan. Plans are also in the works to make the tape available on worldwide DVD. [Theater Mania]

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Annotated Scores of the LOTR films in interactive form

Annotated Score of the FOTRAt a new website, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films, John Jennette has converted the information in the Annotated Scores of the LOTR films (one for each film) from pdf to html format. The Annotated Scores, written by Doug Adams, are companion pieces to the three sets of Complete Recordings and were offered as a free download at the Reprise LOTR soundtrack site. The analysis, though written for the Complete Recordings, can be applied to the movie as well and John also has sound clips available for reference.

Thanks to Doug Adams for pointing this site out to us.

[Doug Adams] [The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films] [Reprise LOTR soundtrack site]

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Sneak Peek of LOTR Soundtrack Book

Music of LOTR Movies bookDoug Adams has offered fans a sneak peek of his upcoming book, “The Music of the Lord of the Rings Film”. This is a visual assembly of Adams’ own mock up layout of the book. It’s not the final edit nor design but it does supply tantalizing hints at the basic structure of the material.

After meeting with the publishers last week, Adams’ was able to report that they are looking at a finished book length of 200 or fewer pages combined with a double sided DVD containing multimedia content. The book is on schedule for a fourth quarter 2008 release. [Doug Adams]

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Complete Recordings of the ROTK available again

CR-ROTKAfter months of being listed as “Not Available”, the 4 disc set of the Complete Recordings of the Return of the King is again listed as “In Stock” at the Warner Brother’s site and Warner Brothers only ships to the US. Doug Adams, (author of the upcoming book The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films) is offering additional information to non-US residents at his blog.

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Kaitlyn Lusk, LOTR Symphony soprano, to record 4 LOTR soundtrack songs

Kaitlyn LuskKaitlyn Lusk will include four songs from the LOTR soundtrack–May It Be, Breaking The Fellowship, Gollum’s Song, Into the West–on her new recording, FilmSong. You can hear a preview and purchase a Special Edition Single of “Into the West” at her website.

Kaitlyn is the featured vocal soloist for the Lord of the Rings Symphony and the Fellowship of the Ring Symphony (performed live to the movie) and is a big fan of the music. She wrote at Doug Adams’ blog:

Sitting next to the conductor and directly in front of the orchestra, I’m the only person who takes in both the audience’s perspective as well as that of the musicians. Whether through the vibrations of my seat, or looking out into the enraptured crowd, I’ve uniquely witnessed hundreds of nights filled with the human and artistic emotions that are inspired by Tolkien’s story and Howard Shore’s beloved music. After five years of singing this music…I can whole-heartedly say I am as thrilled today as I was the first time I got the call to sing. Funny story: after jumping and screaming on the phone they asked if I needed the music and I replied, “Are you kidding? I already know it!”

Thanks to Doug Adams for his heads up on Kaitlyn’s new recording.

Photo by Chuck Fong.

[Kaitlyn Lusk] [Howard Shore] [Doug Adams]

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