Ed Gross at voicesfromkrypton.com managed a great Guillermo del Toro interview from last weekend’s New York Comic-Con. Mr. del Toro elaborates in much greater detail than ever before (at least on the record) why he was attracted to ‘The Hobbit’ in the first place and explains his vision for how his two films will transition into the Jackson’s trilogy. He says, “we are creating a beautiful overture”. Can you guess what the two scenes he hopes to film he called,”two of the greatest experiences of my life”? The audio is less edited and more telling than anything we have heard so far. Take a listen at VoicesFromKrypton. Dial up users be patient and let the picture of GDT with a Hobbit over his shoulder load, then click the play button. If anybody feels up to transcribing the several minutes of audio feel free to send it to Spymaster@TheOneRing.net