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Archive for January, 2006

TV Watch: Dominic Monaghan on ‘Leno’ Clip

Dominic Monaghan was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ last night (Jan 30th), he was there to talk his hit show “Lost”, all the awards they’ve been winning, he also managed to sneak in a chat about Poi, Poo Poo and sex on planes. Take a look! (41.5MB MOV) [More]

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TV Watch: Sean Astin on ‘Tony Danza’ Clip

Sean Astin was a guest on ‘The Tony Danza Show’, first of all, my apologies to anyone who had to watch this show for the first time simply to catch Sean Astin, Tony Danza is a HORRIBLE talk show host. His only saving grace is the fact that he seems to be a genuine fan of “24”. Thank God for my DVR (think Canadian TiVo) as I was able to skip past his inane chatter and get to the good stuff. Sean talks about “24”, and an illness that has hit him close to home, Bi-Polar Disorder. Take a look! (53.7MB MOV) [More]

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Gambling on Gollum

The public gets its first look at The Lord of the Rings musical this week. That’s exciting for Tolkien fans, but nerve-wracking for the show’s creative team, who have their reputations — and a lot of their money — on the line According to the calendar, opening night for the most ambitious theatre project in history — the $27-million production of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings — is still seven weeks away. But for the show’s producers, cast and creative team, the March 23 world premiere at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theatre is only a distant focus of attention. [More]

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Videoconferencing Kept Lord of Rings on Track

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson needed to view what seven film crews were shooting. His solution: push the envelope on videoconferencing technology. In the pitch-black night of the New Zealand winter, Duncan Nimmo, information technology manager of 3Foot6 Ltd., and his two-man crew hoisted heavy equipment—including spools of military-grade fiber-optic cable, a battery pack, wireless computer modem and an eight-foot-high antenna—up Mount Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park. They had followed worn goat tracks up the slope, and were high in the clouds. A snowstorm threatened to blow them off the mountain. [More]

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Peter Jackson: Epic director

Director Peter Jackson, whose remake of King Kong was released at the end of 2005, is best known for his epic Lord of the Rings fantasy trilogy. The ground-breaking and hugely popular trilogy – released between 2001 and 2003 – elevated him to A-list status in Hollywood. The final installment, The Return of the King, swept the board at the 2004 Academy Awards, netting 11 gold Oscar statuettes, and ensuring that his name went down in history as one of the most successful directors. [More]

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Rahman ready for Lord of the Rings

People often wake up in the middle of the night if jolted by a nightmare. But when A R Rahman suddenly woke up from one of his power naps a few months ago, he was humming a tune. “I had to write it down immediately,” he says, “I was afraid I might forget it.” When he later played the tune to director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who was in Chennai for the Rang De Basanti recordings, Mehra insisted he wanted the tune for his film. “I told him I thought there was no scope for this kind of song in his film,” Rahman says, chuckling, “but he said he would create the situation. I thought, well, it’s his headache.” [More]

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Massive Lord of the Rings Delays First Preview By Two Days; Starts Feb. 4 in Toronto

The Lord of the Rings, the theatrical event premiering at Toronto’s Princess of Wales, will start Feb. 4, two days later than originally announced. “After four years of planning we are so close to delivering, to its first audience, a show we will all be extremely proud of,” producer Kevin Wallace said in a statement. “We had every expectation of putting this together in 17 weeks of rehearsal, including five full weeks of on-stage rehearsals. However, the process is going to take an additional 48 hours, and regrettably that means the first two scheduled preview performances will be moved and the first performance will now be on Saturday Feb. 4.” [More]

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‘Lord of the Rings’ Delays Toronto Preview

NEW YORK – Theatergoers curious about the lavish stage version of “The Lord of Rings” will have to wait two days longer for the first public performance in Toronto. The production will now begin preview performances Saturday at the Princess of Wales Theatre instead of Thursday, producer Kevin Wallace said in a telephone interview from Canada. “It isn’t that there is a problem,” Wallace said. “It’s just the volume of work. We need an extra 48 hours.” [More]

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LOTR Musical Premiere Pushed Back?

Greg writes: I often check out, yet I don’t know how to contribute to your news flashes. I have one from Toronto. I just received a call from TicketKing (ticket manager for Mirvish events) and I was told that the World Premiere Performance scheduled for this Thursday February 2nd has been cancelled as well as the performance for Friday. The new Premiere will be this Saturday February 4th at 7:00 PM. For those fans like myself that jumped on tickets when they first went on sale this is obviously a huge disappointment. Some Single tickets still are available for this Saturday’s performance.

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Oscar Noms Announced Tomorrow

The Oscar Nominations will be announced live early tomorrow morning, will Peter Jackson’s King Kong get nominated for Best Picture? Best Director? Will any of the actors be nominated? This year is an amazing year for films and the competition is tight! Watch this space tomorrow morning for the results!

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Honorary Golden Bears to be Awarded to Sir Ian McKellen

The 56th Berlin International Film Festival will award this year’s Honorary Golden Bears for lifetime achievement to the Polish filmmaker and screenwriter Andrzej Wajda and the British actor Sir Ian McKellen. With Sir Ian McKellen, the Berlinale is honouring one of Britain’s most legendary actors of the stage and screen. By 1974 he was already a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Since then he has enthralled audiences around the globe as the eponymous protagonist in the screen adaptation of Richard III (1995), as well as for his performances in X-Men films and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In 1999 Sir Ian McKellen was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Hollywood director James Whale in Gods and Monster. He was again nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Gandalf in the first episode of Lord of the Rings. The actor, who was knighted in 1990, starred in David MacKenzie’s Asylum (2004), which was screened at last year’s Berlinale Competition. [More]

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ORC Art Show Report

Alyse, ORC Art Show Director, writes: The Art Show at this year’s ORC went amazingly well. We had so many talented artists from around the country sharing their work with the fans in attendance. And the fans were in for a real treat!

Tim Kirk displayed many of his original paintings that were used in the 1975 Hobbit calendar. Theresa Mather shared her incredible artwork including unique paintings on feathers. Colleen Doran gave fans a glimpse of two new original pieces inspired by The Lord of the Rings. Don Flaws had his comical caricatures on display. He was also drawing fans dressed up as Elves and Hobbits throughout the weekend. Rhonda Morgan also entertained fans by beautifully playing her harp on Friday and Sunday. And quite a number of amateur artists had ceramic pieces, drawings, paintings, and digital artwork on display and for sale.

On Friday, we held the first Iron Artist competition. This one hour event was a hilarious experience and a chance to see professional and amateur artists creating artwork from scratch. The host Tadao Tomomato entertained the crowd and judges as we spoofed the Iron Chef show. The theme for the competition was “Ent-Wives” and this proved to be an inspiring challenge for the artists. Amateur contestant Olga Bosserdt upset Colleen Doran in the “Illustration” category, Don Flaws won the “Cartooning” category against amateur Ashley Taylor, and amateur Aubrey Guilbault narrowly won the “Children’s Illustration” category going up against the talented Cynthia Cummens. All of the original pieces created during the event were later displayed in the Art Show room and auctioned off Sunday afternoon to benefit VSA Arts ( We raised almost $500 for the non-profit organization.

Throughout the weekend, fans could vote on their favorite artwork displayed in the Art Show. As well, children attending the convention could also pick their favorites. The Art Show staff selected the top 3 amateur artwork in the show too. Quickbeam announced the winners of the Art Show at the One Ring Awards party:

Kid’s Choice – “Burning of Esgaroth” by Charles Burggraf

Fan Favorite –

1st “Burning of Esgaroth” by Charles Burggraf
2nd “The Fellowship of the Rings” by Suvi Utermohlen
3rd “Back Again” by Charles Burggraf

Best in Show – Amateur Category

1st “Guardian” by Olga Bosserdt
2nd “Lothlorian” by Kate Cunningham
3rd “Galadriel’s Ewer” by Nancy Steinman

Big thank you to all of the wonderful artists who shared their work with us and participated in this year’s art show. And thanks to all the fans who took the time to visit the art show during such a busy weekend. We hope you enjoyed it!

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