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Archive for July, 2001

LOTR Stunt Team Say ‘Hi’ to TORN

Lance and some folks who worked on stunts for LOTR (Lance was Sean Bean’s [Boromir] stunt double). They sent us a great pic of the stunt crew during a break from a practice stunt in NZ. Take a look, more pics to come.Hi from Lance and the Lord of the rings Stunt team, we are all New Zealanders born and bread. We all have had a wonderful time working on this incredible trilogy. This is a photo of myself and a few of the other stuntman rehearsing with Bob Anderson (sword master) behind the Copthorn hotel Queenstown, rehearsing for the Amon Hen scene.Looking forward to LOTR. Especially Balin’s Tomb when Boromir Aragorn and the rest of the fellowship go head to head with the troll and the goblins. Some outstanding sword work involved there.As for Helms Deep well what can I say, after about 4 Months total filming, you really did fell like you had been in a real battle, some fantastic stunts there from the boys. High falls, from the top of helms deep wall, 38 foot drop to the mats.I thank god every day for allowing me to be part of this fantastic story. Talk to you soon.

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New SHIRE Screensaver

What would it look like if you were standing in the middle of The Shire spinning around really slowly?! The Official site shows you!

On the official website for The Lord of the Rings ( check out a new Screensaver on The Shire! [More]

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SHOP: LOTR Chess Sets and Games Workshop Goodies

I Love LOTR related toys!!!! You should to, check these goodies out. [More]

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Media Watch: Total Film Magazine

Here is a scan from the Total Film Magazine with the error. The article’s sub-title states that the release date is August 3rd. [More]

Thanks to JJ for the tip!

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E!Online updates!

The August update is up on E!Online. This month they talk about the complicated processes that turn a rough cut into a finished film, with all its dialogue, sound, music and colour made consistent and synchronised. Part of that process is making the foreign-language dubbed soundtracks so they’ll be consistent with the original too. [More]

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David Wenham Interview

You can catch a great hour long David Wenham (Faramir) interview over on I’m listening to it right now, and there’s some great insight into the character of the the actor. No talk of LOTR yet, but I’m only 17 mins in. And there are some pieces of music during the interview. [More]

Thanks to Abby for the tip!

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DECIPHERCON and the LotR Trading Card Game!!!

Heads up all you LotR gamers!! You don’t want to miss this: Decipher News Flash! DECIPHERCON 2001: GUEST LIST TO INCLUDE HOBBITS, ORCS, WIZARDS… I had better brush up my feet for this one… DarthCaesar has [More].

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Media Watch: Empire Magazine

Simon sends in another gem:

In the latest Empire magazine (Australian edition) there is a picture of two Black Riders in Hobbiton (looks like just outside Bag End in fact!)I’ve never seen this picture before…

We’re still waiting to see it! 🙂

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Media Watch: Total Film Magazine

From: Gothmog and Missus

The September 2001 issue of Total Film magazine has a short item on FOTR in it’s First Look section. No new info, or pics. Just the amusing/heart attack inducing typo at the head of the text. The release date. Its says 3rd of August. That’s this Friday! Alas the text reiterates the release in Dec as we all know!

If you have scans of this article send it along!

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Go Vote for FOTR at Buzz Bin

Go out and vote for LOTR at Buzz Bin, Crusade writes:

It seems that has a “Buzz Meter” for people to rank movies that they are getting excited about. [More]

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GAMING: Lord of Rings Gets Games Deal

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Electronic Arts has signed a contract with New Line Cinema to develop a series of games based on The Lord of the Rings motion picture franchise, an Electronic Arts spokesman told The Hollywood Reporter. [More]

Thanks to a sad Ed M for the tip!

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LOTR Extra Speaks?

From: LC

While making my daily rounds on the message boards, I came upon this little item. Fairly interesting, though not groundbreaking stuff. Slight language alert, as is typical at

They were planning on a turnout of about 9,000. They found out the night before {Tuesday} they were down about 3,000, which meant a 3 hour delay on the start time while they scoured the schools. They arrived at Victoria Uni, both Open and Wellington Polytechs and every high school within an hours drive, in about 30 buses and army trucks and said hop in. [More]

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