Lance and some folks who worked on stunts for LOTR (Lance was Sean Bean’s [Boromir] stunt double). They sent us a great pic of the stunt crew during a break from a practice stunt in NZ. Take a look, more pics to come.Hi from Lance and the Lord of the rings Stunt team, we are all New Zealanders born and bread. We all have had a wonderful time working on this incredible trilogy. This is a photo of myself and a few of the other stuntman rehearsing with Bob Anderson (sword master) behind the Copthorn hotel Queenstown, rehearsing for the Amon Hen scene.Looking forward to LOTR. Especially Balin’s Tomb when Boromir Aragorn and the rest of the fellowship go head to head with the troll and the goblins. Some outstanding sword work involved there.As for Helms Deep well what can I say, after about 4 Months total filming, you really did fell like you had been in a real battle, some fantastic stunts there from the boys. High falls, from the top of helms deep wall, 38 foot drop to the mats.I thank god every day for allowing me to be part of this fantastic story. Talk to you soon.