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  1. It’s serendipiditous that Amazon’s LOTR production has all this extra time whereas The Hobbit had no time to refine…

  2. Interesting fact: Betty White used to be Betty Grey until she fought the Balrog and was reborn.

  3. New Line green lit LOTR in 1998 and we watched Fellowship together 3 years later. 🕰

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Archive for January, 2001


Despite rumors and stories on AICN and right here on TORN, we have learned that there will be NO LOTR trailer/teaser during the Superbowl. On the up side, I heard they play a game during the whole event, could be fun.

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Link direct to the new (and they are new) pics on AOL. !UPDATE!

This isn’t the most elegant way to do this, (the webgurus are away today) but thanks to Elwen at least we have a temporary link to the new LOTR pictures.UPDATEI guess someone caught on to our link, so we have posted the images in our movie scrapbook. Check out the gallery. [Movie Scrapbook]!!!SPOILERS!!!

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New images on AOL site.

“AOL has put Frodo front and center as today’s featured “AOL ad subscribers pay $20 a month to see”. The campaign, which will probably last only a day, has about 10 clickable photos, including some I haven’t seen. Gimli is wielding an axe about four times bigger than the one a Tolkien reader visualizes. Boromir is blowing his horn, not to the heavens, but rather like a clarinet. Hope you have access to AOL, ’cause the campaign won’t last long, maybe 24 hours.”

Thanks to Elfstain for that.

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LotR Teaser Top Download

The Lord of the Rings Teaser Trailer is the top trailer download at, beating out ‘Save the Last Dance’ and ‘Tomb Raider.’ Thanks to Eriol for the tip.

Also, check out’s LotR page for direct links to the 5mb and 11.4.mb teaser downloads. [More]

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Official Site Full Screen Trailer

The Official site has a full screen trailer online! But not so fast…its still Real Video. To their credit, you can now DOWNLOAD the full screen version to your computer and then watch it. [More]

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They’re searching for the Hobbit!

The Assassinfilms ‘Hobbit’ site is fully operational now, and there’s plenty to look at. There’s a lot of Tolkien-inspired websites out there, but this is one of the most creative ones. Instead of repeating what so many other sites have done, they’ve taken an interest in who Tolkien fans are and what ‘Tolkien culture’ is. They ask the question ‘Who is the Hobbit’ and talk to all kinds of people about the influence Tolkien’s had in their lives. In the case of bands like Glass Hammer, that’s a big influence!

It’s a very stylish site, visually appealing and with clever things on it like the ‘Matrix’ reference in the opening disclaimer.

The website reports on and supports the ‘Searching for the Hobbit’ documentary that they’re making, and there’s plenty to do on it – they’re inviting contributions to the ‘inspirations’ room immediately, and there’s a competition. Mainly though the website lets you download clips of the ‘Making of’ which follows the adventures of the film crew as they interview Tolkien fans around the world.

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Cate Blanchett interview

There’s an interview with Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) over at She says a little about how she felt to be involved in the Rings. (More)

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Dagorhir, Tolkien Live Action Battle!

This news just in from Berendir:
You’ve only read Tolkien. They live it in Dagorhir Battle Games! Tolkien’s Middle Earth meets Dark Age Europe in this safe, action-packed national battle game. Go here to view the rest of the article and hear more about this exciting live Tolkien battle game!

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Shop: Gollum Gold!

The good folks at Badali Jewelry are offering Tolkien fans across the world a brand new item! Gollum Gold is a 24k plated One Ring replica on a gold chain. Check it out! [More]

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Weekly Ebay Items

More exciting than a bowl of really interesting flowers! [More]

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In Depth Mike Deluca Interview

The folks at Fade In Magazine really went full tilt on this amazing interview with former head of production at New Line, Mike Deluca.The interview was conducted in the summer it seems, months before Deluca and New Line parted ways, so the irony here is hard to ignore. Deluca talks about his youth and his many years with New Line, he speaks about his thoughts on today’s Hollywood scene, and where he thinks it will go. He is equally frank about his success and failures in the movie biz. I think many of you will learn allot about this man by reading this 10 page interview.I’ve spoken with Mike Deluca an several occasions, always via email, yet you still cannot miss the feeling that he’s ‘one of us’. He’s the fanboy who sits in the movie theatre and gets excited by the flashing images he sees on the screen. He’s a man sitting in a place reserved for stuffed suits and power ties, who answers fan emails from time to time, totally off the cuff.I had the chance to wish him all the best when I heard the news about his departure from NL, and even among all the hoopla that surrounded that day, he wrote me back thanking me, this is one suit that will never get stuffed.


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Screening of a cult classic

From: The Vancouver Sun

Tolkien fans are deeply conflicted over the film trilogy headed their way and, writes Trent Ernst, the first trailer did nothing to dim the controversy. [More]

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