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Archive for June, 2000

Web Watch:

From: Andre & Nicky

You may not have seen a story about LOTR filming on Mt Ruapehu run on the front cover of the June issue of CounterAction magazine. This publication is distributed to 20,000 retail business managers throughout New Zealand, and is on sale nationally. It features a photo of Peter Jackson on the mountain, and gives some interesting background information about the impact of the filming on businesses in the Mt Ruapehu area,

This story is now online at the CounterAction website. Point your web browser at [More]

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Media Watch: French Primere/Total Film (UPDATED)

Winona Kent, from The Complete Sean Bean sends in info on two magazines covering LOTR:

French Premiere Magazine (as distinct from the North American and British versions) for May/June has 4 little thumbnail color pix from LOTR on page 176: Elijah Wood as Frodo. Sean as Boromir with the ring. The Ringwraiths. Liv Tyler as Arwen.

There is a website at but I’m not sure if the article is online there or not.

The French title for LOTR is Le Seigneur des anneaux.

As well as a little article about LOTR from Total Film, a UK film magazine, August 2000 issue. [More]

Ringer Spy Colleen gives us the skinny on French Primere’s Website:

Here’s a link to one of two pages showing the latest movie posters. [link 1] [link 2]

There is also a page from which to download the Apple preview, which has some thumbnails of three of the images from the original version of the official site.

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Web Watch: E! Online

E! Online managed to get an interview with Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) read on!

Cate Blanchett sits in her trailer, studying her scripts for the day’s filming.

She has just 10 days in New Zealand to wrap her scenes as Elf Queen Galadriel–a small but pivotal part in Lord of the Rings (and one of only three major female characters in the trilogy)–and she’s cramming hard before the afternoon cameras roll. [More]

Posted in Cate Blanchett, LotR Cast News, LotR Movies, Old Main News

Busch-Man Reveals all!!

Ringer Spy Busch-Man sends in his review of the SIX Minute footage seen at ShoWEST!

I had the great fortune of seeing the LOTR ShoWEST footage. It was about 6 minutes long, and I was stunned.

I just wanted to say that I cannot stop thinking about it. It’s truly staggering. I’ve read the books several times, and everything looked GREAT.

It starts off much like the internet trailer, with the booming voice saying ‘From the greatest book of the 20th century’. It also showed some video games like Final Fantasy, as well as a Led Zeppelin album cover, all the while the ‘voice’ saying ‘it has influenced millions of people around the world’. It then goes on to show Peter Jackson, saying how this is the time to make these films. But that is where it changes from the internet preview. There are many many shots from the films, a few stills and some great clips. The ones that stick out from memory are:

Viggo Mortensen fighting some soldiers in what appears to be ruins of a castle

Shots of Liv Tyler on a horse

A shot of John Rhys-Davies as Gimli.
A small interview with Sean Astin

Gollum Pics

Troll Pics

Tons of CGI and real armies fighting

A shot of Hobbiton from inside a Hobbit Hole

I got to also see dozens of stills that I’ve never seen before, and one thing I can say is, as good as the makeup and costumes look in the quicktime trailer, seeing them in higher resolution took my breath away. I was able to tell that John Rhys-Davies isn’t even recognizable under all that makeup, but he looks terrific. Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortenson look perfect – I was able to see some more images of both of them, and it really made me happy how ‘right’ they look. There was one particular still of Liv Tyler in character, and I swear, she looks like… well, some supremely beautiful and mysterious member of another race. Not human. All the actors looked just fabulous. The orc makeup is unbelievably detailed, and the locations are simply too good to be true. It’s a Lee or Howe painting come to life.

There was more info about the CGI shrinking techniques as well, some shots they’ll be using two sets of dollies (Dollies: tracks along wich a camera can roll along), one for the camera and one for the ‘Small’ character who is standing or sitting further away from the regular sized actor (like that pic of Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood), when both are moving along opposite ways, you can move the camera, and have the ‘small’ looking character interact with the large one.

They also interviewed someone involved with the CGI fighting armies, the guy said that each individual ‘CGI fighter’ will have a mind of his own, and that no one will need to program them, they’ll know who is next to them, and if they’re challenged they’ll either sidestep, fight, dodge, or run away. They showed some of the fighting armies, it was amazing! They were lobbing off heads and fighting pitched battles.

From what I saw, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. The film is in safe hands.

Posted in Lord of the Rings, LotR Movies, Old Spy Reports

Media Watch: Empire Magazine

From: Grishnakh

Just got the latest edition of Empire magazine in the post this morning and lo! LOTR gets a mention. Empire is the UK’s premier film magazine but last month’s issue featured a top twenty most eagerly awaited films that omitted LOTR from the list completely. I think the fans must have complained because this month it’s back in AT NUMBER ONE! I’ve scanned the article and attached it to this email.

BTW LOTR beat the following for the top slot: the Harry Potter film (18th), A.I. (7th), Matrix 2 and 3 (5th) and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (2nd). Not much competition then. [View the article]

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Cast Watch: Cate, Ian and Sean on TV

You can catch Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) in ‘Pushing Tin’ on Cinemax. [More]

You can catch Ian McKellen (Gandalf) in ‘Gods and Monsters’ on TMN. [More]

You can see Sean Bean (Boromir) in ‘Ronin’ on Showtime.

Posted in Cate Blanchett, Ian McKellen, Old Main News, Sean Bean

Hall of Fire Topic for Saturday

Hullo! Sorry to post this so late, been wrestling with my puter lo these many days. Hope to see you Saturday!


Hammer and Tongs, the Hall of Fire Is at It Again!

If you could learn any Middle-earth skill, what would it be? Stealth, from Hobbits? Making elven cloaks? Ring forging (ok maybe not ring forging 😉 )? How to make lembas?

One of the fascinating attributes of Middle-earth is the craftiness of its peoples. Dwarf, elf, human, hobbit, all have special characteristics, skills, and talents. Come on down to the Hall of Fire and tell us what *you’d* like to be able to do!

Saturday, July 1, at 5:30 EST [10:30 GMT]
Check out The Hall of Fire homepage for more details.

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NZ and local area, the ‘IT’ spot

All obvious jokes aside, Entertainment Weekly has listed the Pacific Rim the ‘IT’ spot, for movie making that is. Citing ‘The Beach’, ‘M:I2’, ‘Moulin Rouge’, and our ‘LOTR’ as being filmed in and around the Rim (why they left out Star Wars is beyond me). Check it out in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (with good old Canadian boy Hayden ‘Anakin Skywalker’ Christensen on the cover), or click here.

Posted in New Zealand, Old Main News

Media Watch: Dragão Brasil

From: Guizos

The RPG brazilian magazine called ‘Dragão Brasil’ published a great report about The Lord of The Rings production. The report brings lots of pics from the net preview and 4 pages talking about the movie details. Special effects, cast and some cool information about Tolkien’s life, the books, and his influences in the RPG history.

There is only one problem: ‘Dragão Brasil’s June edition, with Lord of The Rings report, is sold out in almost every place. The fans will have to fight to buy it.

To view the articles, click here.

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Media Watch: 3D World

The new U.K. magazine ‘3D World’ has a small section on The Lord of the Rings, entitled; “ROSAS HEADS SOUTH”

“Talented animator Carlos Rosas, lead animator on Walking With Dinosaurs, has left Framestore for a new life in New Zealand. He’s joined WETA Ltd to work on the digital effects and 3D animation in the company’s huge cinema production, The Lord of the Rings.”

Rosas has also worked on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ and ‘Jason and the Argonauts’. Read more about him here.

Thanks to Dominic for the article.

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Cast Watch: Viggo, Bean and Hill on MAX

You can catch Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) on ‘A Perfect Murder’ on Cinemax. [More]

You can see Sean Bean (Boromir) in ‘Airborne’ on Cinemax. [More]

You can catch Bernard Hill (Theoden) in ‘True Crime’ on Cinemax. [More]

Posted in Bernard Hill, Old Main News, Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen

New LOTR cartoon contest

From: John Cook

The good folks at ToonZone send along the following:

We’re running a new Lord of the Rings cartoon punchline contest this week. This one features caricatures of Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas as they meet Gandalf the White for the first time! Check it out and submit your own punchlines for Gandalf here.

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