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Archive for June, 2000

June is Green and So are Our Books

Greetings, Quickbeam here.

Well, you know what they say, “Better late than never” You’ll certainly forgive our tardiness when you see our big old update for Green Books so come on down:

  1. Who was the Mouth of Sauron?
  2. How can you cut off an invisible finger?
  3. What was behind Faramir’s dreams?
  4. How the heck did Glamdring end up in a Troll’s cave?
  5. Why did Celeborn stay behind?
  6. Why weren’t the Valar more involved against Sauron?

All these and more can be found here.

  • Of course, we have updates in red for our previous Q&A articles. Please use our ever-so-functional SEARCH feature to explore the many subjects we’ve covered in Q&A since last year.

If it’s good summer reading you crave, then my friend look no further. Join us as we explore the WORDS and WORLD of Tolkien.

Much too hasty,


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Happy Birthday LeH!!!!!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear LeH!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!
Everyone at the Staff of wishes you a very happy 14th birthday!!!!
Many happy returns!!!!

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Media Watch: Vogue Magazine

The latest issue of Vogue has an article and full spread pics of Cate Blanchett (Galadriel). While the article only mentions LOTR in one brief paragraph, it is an informative piece. You can get a good look into the Aussie who will play our Elven Queen.

LOTR byte: The films (Blanchett is) currently shooting in New Zealand are very big-budget, indeed-J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy which Peter Jackson is directing. “I’m really looking foreward to it,” she says, “because it’s not a territory I’ve ever stepped into before technically.” I search my memory for female roles and remember that it was a hombrekind of series. Gandalf? Frodo? Bilbo Bagins? Whom does she play? “Galadriel.” I don’t recall Galadriel. “Queen of the Elves,” she says. “Smart but significant.” Hmmm. Not nearly significant enough to break the $20 Million barrier, even if she has already been fitted for prosthetic elf’s ears. “What do you want so much oney for?” She says.

Click on each image to enlarge

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Did we tell you who Morwen was? (UPDATED)

Who’s that character Morwen that ex-Shortland St. star Robyn Malcolm is going to play?
According to Saint of Killers:
“…it’s mentioned in the appendix A, section Two “The House of Eorl”. It says “….but Eowyn was slender and tall, with a grace and pride that came to her out of the South from Morwen of Lossarnach, whom the Rohirrim had called Steelsheen.” pg. 437 of the Ballantine paperback edition.
I also found an entry in the Tolkien Encyclopedia which says that she wedded Thengel of Rohan, and it was the first union of Dunedain and Rohirrim.
Morwen bore him Theoden and Theodwyn, among others.
Thanks, Saint. You’re a saint!

Mormegil pointed this out, though….
“If it is indeed Theoden’s mother who will be in the film she would be 97 years old. This seems a little silly as Theoden himself is supposedly to old to even leave his throne room. The most likely answer is that the Morwen character is someone who was named after the now dead queen.

Just a thought…”

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Tolkien Society’s Publicity Officer sets the record straight.

This relates to a rather unimpressive bit of journalism by the UK news earlier this week. Ian Collier, the Publicity Officer for the Tolkien Society, wrote to us with the following, which he stresses are his personal views and not necessarily those of the entire Tolkien Society:

Dear Harry & Tehanu
I’m e-mailing you both as I’ve been watching events unfurl on your websites for the last year or two and I gather that Peter Jackson and co.look around the web to keep up with fannish opinion on their efforts; so I’m assuming they’ll look at your sites on a regular basis. As you may or may not know the UK’s Sunday Times ran an article yesterday 25/6 entitled “Hollywood hobbits upset Tolkien fans (here) about the filming of Lord of the Rings. I knew it was coming as I’d been interviewed on the phone for it being the Publicity Officer for The Tolkien Society, what I didn’t see coming (a tad naive of me) was the misquoting that would occur, especially as I had been asked forthe Tolkien Society’s position on the film. I’ve emailed you because I don’t want the society to be understood as being anti-film, an opinion which could be formed if certain pieces of orc-work are taken at face value. Especially with the comments that the Tolkien Society are worried by some developments and “are to discuss Tyler’s role and that of Blanchett, who plays Galadriel, at their annual Oxonmoot, or meeting in Oxford, in September.” as if to say that we are going to sit in some sort of Inquisition-like conclave.

Another example is the following series of misquotes about Liv Tyler:

“Ian Collier, spokesman for the Tolkien Society, said: “We have heard that Arwen is leading an elf army at one point and replacing one of the hobbits in the fellowship. I do hope Liv Tyler is not going to turn it into a sword-and-sorcery type role.”

I didn’t say that, in the interview I gave the society’s position and as the interview went on Arwen’s expanded role came up, my comments were that I
could see some expansion as necessary to explain her marriage to Aragorn,but that I also wondered what effect this would have on Eowyn’s role, silly of me maybe but I know better now. Regarding “and replacing one of the hobbits in the fellowship” I specifically stated that this old rumour had been definitively dealt with on Sir Ian McKellen’s website after someone posted a query based on a ‘spy’ report.

My personal opinion is that the cast & crew are doing a great job and are trying their hardest to stick as closely to Tolkien’s texts as possible,this is based on rumours, interviews and question and answer sessions posted on your sites and on Sir Ian McKellen’s. As I’ve said above I don’t want the idiocies of the press to make the people concerned feel that the Tolkien Society holds a negative opinion about them. They don’t!!


Ian Collier”

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Galadriel Action Figure from Toy Vault

The good folks at Toy Vault have sent me a CD full of great images of their latest creation: The Galadriel action figure. [More]

Posted in Merchandise, Old Main News

Cast Watch: Astin and Weaving on MAX

You can catch Hugo Weaving (Elrond) in ‘Bedrooms and Hallways’ on Cinemax. [More]

You can catch Sean Astin (Sam) in ‘Toy Soldiers’ on Cinemax. [More]

Posted in Hugo Weaving, Old Main News, Sean Astin

Independent Newspapers LTD opens online.

We have long admired some of the articles that the member papers of the Independent Newspapers LTD group got on the Lord of the Rings movies. They have some excellent sources, and have made a practice of good reporting. Because of copyright concerns we could not previously directly share their articles with you, until now.

Independent Newspapers LTD has logged onto the net. We will now be able to direct you to a place where you can read their articles.

You can see some of the articles which we have referenced now on their Lord of the Rings news page.

Some of the member papers of Independent Newspapers LTD are:
The Dominion
The Press
The Southland Times
The Evening Post
Waikato Times

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Tolkien Fun Section

Hello again all! We have had a busy week here in the Shire, and I havent had time to put up the quiz for a spell, but here I am in all my Hobbit splendor!! Our last winner was Morden! Good job friend! The answers were:
1) Angrod (Angaráto)
2) Longbottom
3) Gandalf
Here are the questions for today:
1) “What did Tolkien say means “comfort””?
2) “maaldrig” (Scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) “I will take thought for that ere I go.” (Who said this?)
As always, Mail me with your answers, the 1st person to mail me with all 3 answers will be posted here next time! Good Luck…..Gamgee

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The friendly hobbit over at Scoop strikes again

Scoop newsagency has some great pictures of statuary props at Helm’s Deep [More] or click here and here to view the pics in our Scrapbook!


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Set Pics: Edoras!!

Ringer Spy The Jazza sends in great pics from the Edoras set.

Click on each image to enlarge

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The Dominion reports on the theft of film from LOTR


A one-month investigation into claims of movie piracy on the set of the mega-trilogy TLOTR has ended with the arrest of an Auckland man. The 36-year-old has been charged with making a VHS copy of film footage, money laundering, fraudulently dealing with a film and theft as a servant of two video cassettes. The company producing the fantasy trilogy says it has boosted its security since the allegations surfaced. Police spokeswoman Kaye Calder said yesterday that an average of three Wellington police officers worked fulltime for a month before the man was arrested in Ak on Sat night. She refused to say how much money was alleged to have been laundered, and papers filed in Ak District Court yesterday during the man’s first appearance gave scant details. But a source close to the investigation said there were ‘obviously considerable sums’ to be made from pirated copies of the film, which will have its first instalment released in Dec next year. The source said no footage was sent overseas before the man was arrested. Court papers alleged the man stole video cassettes from an employer called Newline Productions. But a spokesman for Newline Cinema, Steve Elzer, said from Los Angeles that the man was not a direct employee. Newline had been working closely with N Z police and had taken steps to ensure no footage would be pirated in future, he said. The man was remanded without plea for two weeks and was told to stay with his mother in Ak under a curfew. He was given name suppression til his next court appearance. The $260 million trilogy, based on three books by J R R T, is directed by NZer P J under strict secrecy, and has sparked a fanatical Internet following.

Thanks to Tiggy, gun typist, for that!

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