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Middle-earth March Madness – Round 1 Bracket – Vote Now!

2015-middleearthmadness-bracket-rd1The 2015 edition of Middle-earth Madness officially starts today! We’ve split our field of 64 characters and objects into four divisions: The Silmarillion,The Hobbit,The Lord of the Rings and The Others.

This is a brand new format for the competition this year – implemented to encourage interesting match-ups, intriquging final four and ultimately education on the breadth of works from our favorite author, J.R.R. Tolkien.

A note on how the bracket combatants were determined. created a document containing all combatants, sub divided into divisions. We asked staff to cast sixteen votes per division, with the votes having a weight of 1-4. Each staffer cast four 4 votes, four 3 votes, four 2 votes and four 1 votes in each division. We then totalled all the votes from each division to determine their rank, and ultimately placed those into our bracket for seeding.

As you can imagine, our staff is diverse and the results were very interesting! What was very exciting when creating the bracket was the realization that we have some amazing and story related match-ups in this first round.

Voting in Round 1 will remain open until March 21st at 10pm ET. At that point, we’ll calculate the winners and post the next round on March 22nd. Follow after the break for a complete bracket image (download it), and to vote on all of our Round 1 match-ups! [Round 1 Bracket]

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Oh yes – Middle-earth March Madness is Coming!


Yes folks, Middle-earth March Madness is back for 2015! If you are new to, Middle-earth March Madness is our adaptation on the popular NCAA Basketball tournament that takes place every March/April in the United State. It is our chance to have some fun matching up middle-earth power players against each other. Past winners include Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf, Thranduil.

Based on feedback from our past years, we are switching things up a bit to include the entirety of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works. So in reality, this could be called J.R.R. Tolkien March Madness!

This year, our four divisions will be representative of a book (or series of books):

The Hobbit
The Lord of the Rings
The Silmarillion
Other Works (Lost Tales, Father Christmas, Children of Hurin, etc)

This allows each division to crown a champion for each book, and then they all face off against each other in the final four!

Our staff are sorting out the field of 64 combatants now, and we’ll be posting the first bracket and polls very soon. Stay tuned to the front-page of TORn for the announcement to start voting, and follow along on Twitter and FB with #middleearthmarchmadness @theoneringnet


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The One Ring Used in the Films will be at The One Last Party!


The Movie Ring - Jens Hansen

The Movie Ring – Jens Hansen

Jens Hansen – The Ring Maker, is the designer and maker of The Movie Ring, the ring used in the filming of The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ trilogies.

They custom make The Movie Ring as seen on the big screen and recreate the world’s most accurate licensed The One Ring replicas.

We are excited to announce that The Movie Ring used in the filming of The Lord of the Rings™ and The Hobbit™ trilogies will be at the event to as part of our photo opportunities. We must see it, my precious!! Learn about The Movie Ring by clicking here.

We are so excited and thankful to Jens Hansen – The Ring Maker for their support of our party and giving fans the unique opportunity to hold The One Ring.

Learn more about The Ring Maker, and choose your own ring for purchase at at

Jens Hansen is also on Facebook and Twitter! @the_ringmaker

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The One Last Party – Party Subsite with FAQ, Event Details and more!

one-last-party-logo-300x190Only 15 days away from The One Last Party! staff are working overtime to make our last Oscar event a night to remember. Today we are happy to unveil our party subsite, and apologies for not having it up sooner. On the subsite, you will find information on party times, parking, raffles, costuming, etc. We will be updating this area on a regular basis, so please look to this space and your email for further details as they become available. (For example, we just learned we’re going to be auctioning off a Sideshow/Weta Sauron Artist Proof statue!!) And don’t forget, you may still be able to snag a ticket to the performance part of the evening! Details on the Party Specifics page.

[Party SubSite] [Party Specifics] [Entertainers] [Party FAQ] [Raffles & Auctions] [Costuming & Attire] [Sponsors]

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The One Last Party – Save $40 on Tuxedo Rental!


If you are attending our last party and you are looking to celebrate in style, we’ve secured a special discount for you!

Friar Tux Shop, one of southern California’s premier providers of men’s tuxedos and suits, has graciously come on board in support of the “The One Last Party”! Rent your tux from any Friar Tux Shop and receive $40 off by using the group code: #94185. As our preferred tux shop in the LA area, Friar Tux Shop has locations through out, including Beverly Hills, West LA and Thousand Oaks. With outstanding commitment to service, Friar Tux Shops pride themselves on providing the finest in men’s fashion at affordable prices. Offering all the latest designer styles, including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, and Perry Ellis, you are certain to look your best on this very special night.

You can make your reservation through the website, or by calling the closest location to our venue in Beverly Hills.

Please make your reservations by February 6th to take advantage of the $40 OFF order!


Friar Tux Shop
8621 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
M,F: 10am-8pm
T,W,Th: 12pm-8pm
Sa: 10am-5pm
Su: 11am-5pm

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Super Awesome Benefactor Matching Donations for 24 Hours! The One Last Party


103068An anonymous benefactor has offered to give $5k to this campaign, IF we increase our total by $5k by 12noon EST TOMORROW, Jan 9th.

That means we have 27 hours to go from our current total ($123,470) to $128,470 – if we make it, we’ll get a matching donation of $5k from our generous supporter!


If you’ve been pondering getting that amazing Movie Guide signed by SIX cast members (Thrain perk), or snapping up the last Mirkwood Elves VIP ticket, or snagging the poster with TWELVE signatures (and which INCLUDES a VIP ticket – Gimli perk), then now is the moment!

(And of course, every pledge received will be entered in the draw to win the amazing Dragon Bodice – see below!) (more…)

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LIVE Right Now! #OneLasrtParty with @JohnBell (Bain son of Bard)

Join the conversation on Twitter right now with #OneLastParty as we chat with actor John Bell (Bain son of Bard!). John is joining us to help promote ‘The One Last Party,’ our celebration of all six Peter Jackson films taking place in Hollywood, CA Feb 21st 2015. Even if you can only contribute $1, every bit will help us bring fans and cast together for this special #OneLastParty ! [Contribute here]

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We’ve reached the Elite Eight! Vote Now in Middle-earth March Madness Round 4!

middleearthmarchmadness14-verticalWe’ve reached arguably the most exciting round of this year’s Middle-earth March Madness – The Elite Eight! Eight combatants have tested their gruff against some impressive opponents, and now face a battle for the ages! In the Lonely Mountain division we have the (16) Elrond taking on fan fav (6) Aragorn. In Erebor, (1) Thorin Oakenshield faces a much bigger challenge than gold fever when he faces (3) The One Ring. The Bag End match-up is a battle of the top seeds as (1) Bilbo takes on the trending (2) Thranduil (aka Sparkles). And last but not least, Mirkwood gives us a battle of two all-time Middle-earth juggernauts – (1) Gandalf vs. (14) Legolas. This is a round for the ages!

Voting in this round will end on April 1st (we promise to give you real results) so don’t delay – fight for your choices. Share! Tweet! Comment!


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Badali Jewelry Shows Their Support for

Badali JewelryAs we continue our 2013 Pledge Drive – Light the Beacons – you may be wondering if we are receiving any corporate support.The answer is a decisive ‘Yes!’ Over the years, we’ve been privileged to establish amazing relationships with some very reputable and worthwhile corporate entities. Those entities are now popping up to lend their support to with a financial commitment.

So without further delay, we’d like to announce our first corporate donation is from  Badali Jewelry – the amazing proprietors of quality hand-crafted jewelry-art, and unique and original custom jewelry. While we know them for their amazing line-up of officially licensed Tolkien related items, they also feature other great properties like  have an amazing offering of other categories. From the wonderfully witty Geek Tags, to their Zodiac offerings.

We need to be clear – Badali has contributed financially to our drive. They are simply supporting, just like you have with your pledges. So please take a moment to visit their online store at and make a purchase. Support those businesses that are sharing in the goodwill of our community and helping keep online and thriving for years to come.

As an added incentive, and in celebration of Bilbo and Frodo’s combined birthday, Badali has sent us a 15% off coupon for their entire site. Simply use code BILBO at checkout. It will be good until September 30th. would like to formally thank Badali Jewelry for their continued support of!

[Visit] [Pledge Your Support Today]


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No. This is not the Official Poster from ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’

desolation-of-smaug-poster fakeWithout hearing from our official entities, this reporter will unequivocally state the following poster is NOT the first poster for ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.‘ Why? There are a variety of reasons, some I will outline below with a ‘fake factor’ rating. The closer to 10, the more obvious the error should raise a red flag!

  • Fonts – All major film/tv licenses have a strict style guide that require all assets created follow a defined set of rules. One of the main components of any style guide are the specific typographical fonts allowed to be used. The font used with the  ‘From The Director of ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy’ is wrong. (Fake Factor: 8)
  • Film Name – Another major component of a style guide? Getting the film name correct! Guess what folks, the LOTR trilogy can only officially be called ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, not ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. (Fake Factor: 10)
  • Existing Imagery – Here’s a link to the image that was used in this ‘poster.’ Yup, just swapped the color on the jacket. [Image(Fake Factor: 8)
  • Poor Graphics – Let’s be real here. While some might be cynical about PJ’s films, he would never let such a poorly composed photoshop job make it into the wild. Check out the really bad ‘white’ glow behind Bilbo.(Fake Factor: 9)
  • Low Res – Anytime an image is sent around to various news sites in a lower res format, it is usually because the creator doesn’t want you to notice the poor quality of the composition. (Fake Factor: 5)


And on and on…(I’m sure many of you will find additional reasons)

Here at, we try our hardest to never report something as ‘fact’ until we are sure. But if this is the real poster, then we don’t have much faith in what is coming next in the franchise!!

Do you see other red flags in the poster that clearly show its a fake? Enter them below in the comments!

Happy Sunday!

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CNN: ‘The Hobbit’ One of the Top Ten Worst Movies of the Year?!

The following is a small editorial from co-owner and staffer Calisuri. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of writer Tom Charity has posted his ‘The 10 worst movies of 2012‘ and decided to controversially include ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ on the list. It should be noted, he specifically calls out the 48fps experience as being the ‘worst’ – not the actual film itself. Though he does take a dig at the length of the latest Middle-earth tome. The facts about ‘The Hobbit’ seem to paint a different picture: RottenTomatoes Critic index of 65%; RottenTomatoes audience rating of 81%; CinemaScore rating of ‘A;’ Ringer Review average of 4.5/5; Three week lead at the international box office; and breaking multiple December box office records. Looking at Mr. Charity’s other films on the list, most have a rating of < 30% and only one breaks the 50% mark.

So what made Mr. Charity put ‘The Hobbit’ on his list? The easiest explanation is he really didn’t like the 48fps experience as he states in the article. Hey, I didn’t either (my review) – but I wouldn’t put it on any kind of ‘worst list.’

His true intention is even more transparent. He simply wants more eyeballs and a bit of controversy. Afterall, he only continues to get paid if he remains interesting. (The quote from Zoolander comes to mind…’Dance Monkey, Dance!’) So including a popular film on his ‘worst of’ list on a major outlet like is sure to do just that. It will definitely cause some discussion.

Would you put ‘The Hobbit’ on your own worst list of 2012? Is Mr. Charity totally off base? Tell us what you think!

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The Hobbit: an expected masterpiece in a distracting frame

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ is a fulfilling and entertaining adventure that is sure to please most Middle-earth enthusiasts.  Filled with direct book-to-screen moments and some unique new additions, the film stands as a strong first installment of a three-year adventure. If you think of it as a fine art masterpiece in a beautiful museum, it can sit proudly next to its LOTR siblings. Well, sorta. You see, someone chose an overly busy frame with bright colors and fancy patterns that distracts from the essential content. Luckily, in your experience, you can easily swap out the frame.

As you’ll read later, this reviewer suggests this may be the wisest course first-up.

As an adaptation and expansion on Tolkien’s 75-year-old children literature classic — emphasis on children — this film is more fantastic and at times more ‘cartoony’ than its trilogy predecessor. A quick example… while in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring we see the four Hobbits trying to escape Farmer Maggot and falling down a long slope with nothing but a broken carrot, in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey we see the Company of Thorin falling down a 1000-foot crevasse (multiple times) and simply dusting themselves off.

That theme permeates the film. The ‘bad guys’ are not quite horrible monstrosities that cause death and destruction but instead are similar to villains in an episode of the A-Team. You know, where no matter how many times they shoot at our heroes, they never actually hit their mark. It ultimately makes for exciting confrontations, but no real concern the heroes will meet their doom. Some who are not familiar with the childish nature of The Hobbit might find this a bit odd when they compare the drama to the LOTR films.

The acting by the core cast was astoundingly good. Martin Freeman IS Bilbo Baggins and as expected delivers an amazing performance with true emotion, humor and feeling. Ian McKellen is a less serious version of his LOTR-self and in many ways a lot more likable. His sense of humor comes across more in the performance and it is very endearing. Richard Armitage delivers a dead-on performance of Thorin. For those of us who know what the future holds for Thorin, I can clearly state the casting was perfect. Andy Serkis returns as Gollum and provides yet another amazing performance. ‘Riddles in the Dark’ will be one of your favorite scenes — guaranteed!

The dwarves were always a bit of a concern for me because I thought we’d be spending a lot of time getting to know each and dealing with lot of childish humor. This is not the case. They do all get introductions and each has their own distinct and unique contribution to the film. There is of course some ‘potty’ humor, but nothing that is overdone or inconsistent. Ken Stott as Balin delivers a stand-out performance — one that does not go unnoticed and puts him on par with the other key players.

The rest of the cast provide strong performances but some are a bit constrained by the visual performance that accompanies their acting. If you are looking for the awesomeness of The Goblin King from Rankin/Bass, I fear you will be a bit disappointed. And Radagast, while semi-interesting and fun in a childish sense (which is okay!), seems to be just thrown in to have another wizard.

Some of the folks I saw the film with had issues with the ‘slowness’ of the story, but I did not. I was surprised how fast the film felt – when it ended I was surprised at the time.

To avoid major spoilers, I’ll just say that there were definitely a few points where I felt the small things were ‘overdone.’ Take Elrond’s reading of the moon-letters on the map.

The book: …The moon was shining in a broad silver crescent. He held up the map and the white light shone through it. “What is this?” he said. “There are moon-letters here…

In the movie it’s not nearly so simple. You see, apparently the Elves in Rivendell have painstakingly built a ledge on a massive cliff-face complete with a special moon-table. To read moon-letters, you must gather around this table and place the suspected moon-letter document on the table. The table then glows with moon-light and reveals what is on it. I can’t imagine this ledge gets much use — typical of the wealthy elves to be so wasteful with space and function. Heh — yeah, I had a bit of a chuckle at that point.

There is one BIG negative from my viewing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It has nothing to do with the plot, acting, score or any other aspect of the actual content of the film. It has to do with wrapping this masterpiece in the inappropriate frame of HFR 3D. It was quite simply unnecessary to saddle this film with this presentational wizardry.

And it’s something I had hoped that was not going to be the case.

In fact, I was very excited to see this new technology and experience the ‘future of film.’ I was ready for it! Even with the uproar from those crusty cinema owners last year, I figured that was a bunch of old fogeys who simply didn’t want to update their equipment. I was fully expecting to be blown away and fall in love with this next evolution in film. I felt this way right up until the opening scenes of the movie. Then it happened…

I told myself: ‘Oh Chris, your eyes will get used to it… just a bit longer.

Nope — never got used to it. I couldn’t help but think, ‘Why does this look like some highly produced BBC TV drama?‘ In fact, about every 10 minutes or so (or maybe whenever something was particularly bright on screen) I found myself being literally drawn out of Middle-earth and back into the present — the theater. And therein lies the issue. I was constantly taken out of the story and performance because my brain was distracted by the ‘bells and whistles’ on screen. I was jolted out of the content of the film and noticed the tech behind it.  That is unfortunate.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is a great movie that is saddled with this unnecessary mission to advance the future of film. So here’s my slightly controversial suggestion: Watch this film first in good ole fashioned 24fps. Then, for your second viewing, go and see it in HFR. This way your initial experience won’t be compromised by the tech and second-time-round you may actually be able to enjoy the high frame rate as well!

As an aside, I did consider that I’m simply too old for this type of presentation. I’m 38. I don’t play video games and don’t run out to see IMAX or 3D viewings of films on a regular basis. So maybe the thirteen-year-olds of the world will love it.

To summarize, rush out and see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and enjoy the ride! As long as you bring along your inner child you’ll have a wonderful time. If you have a choice, DO NOT see it in 48fps for your first viewing.

9/10 Rings

– Calisuri.

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