If the smallest person can change the course of the history…what can one of the largest officially licensed Lord of the Rings collectible do? Impress some friends – that’s for sure!

Our friends over at Sideshow.com are now offering a six-foot tall Sauron life-size bust from Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys. No, no…you read that correctly. The scale of this item, priced at $5000, is immense.

The Sauron Life-Size Bust

We will include the fine details below, but in case you were wonder…YES…it comes with a full realized light up The One Ring, but alas, the finger is NOT removable! (Between us, that does feel like a bit of a lost opportunity)

Worried about the life-span on this investment? The whole piece is made up of a high grade fiberglass material, equivalent to that of a steel alloy – resistant to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

There are only 99 being made for the entire world…so if you have the money to spare, you probably don’t want to wait to get one on the secondary market. It is expected to starting shipping in November of this year. As a small aside, with anything thing big, don’t expect it to ship via a standard delivery service. Guaranteed this is one of those items that is going to arrive in a truck!

The Sauron Life-Size Bust Available to Order at Sideshow.com
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Item Description from Sideshow.com

The Design

Whether it is the original novel or the film, the strength of Sauron and his army are terrifying. The design of Sauron’s armor was intended to be unique to him, and as singular in its forging as the One Ring. The entwining of the intaglio decoration was intended to contrast with the strong ugliness of all the sharp spikes, blades, and sharp edges, mimicking the look of black thorns.

The One Ring on his finger is his most iconic item and the most powerful weapon in Middle-earth. A fiery inscription in the Black Speech is displayed on the ring, conferring power to dominate the wills of other beings.

The Details

Heavy-weight Collectible, Enormous Size

In the form of a 1/1 scale bust statue, the statue has a height of 175cm. Even when having only half of the body, its height is easily close to the height of an adult. This statue exudes an aura of power and deterrence simply by displaying it.

Impeccably Heavy Work

The whole body is made of fiberglass, a fiber-reinforced plastic, and its strength can be compared with that of a high-grade steel alloy.

Resistant to high temperature and corrosion and has relatively better resistance and adaptability to the surrounding temperature and humidity.

Its excellent design-ability and manufacturability also make the complex shape of Sauron’s armor and the finely crafted pattern on the surface to be in the most accurate form.

A Perfect Replica of The One Ring

In order to recreate its look and visual effects in the film, Sauron’s ring has two important details:

1. Through the built-in magnet switch, the inscription on the ring (rather than the overall ring) can be illuminated

2. The two lines in the Black Speech from the rhyme of lore describing the Rings were accurately written in the Elvish Tengwar script, meaning ‘One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them’

Highly Detailed Base

Hardcore Lord of the Rings fans are sure you can recognize the fortress featured on the base – Barad-dûr, the dark fortress, Dark Lord Sauron’s primary stronghold in Mordor.

Brand The Lord of the Rings
Manufacturer Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys
Type Life-Size Bust
Genre Fantasy Pop Culture


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