Today, we bring you part two of our coverage of Weta Workshop’s booth at Comic-Con 2013. In this part we have for you a little video of what was at the booth. Between the pictures and this video we hope it gives you an idea of just how cool the stuff Weta had this year. Weta has also given fans who couldn’t go to get one a chance to download their awesome Third Quarter Catalog, which has several of the products you could see at their Comic-Con booth.

Weta also had a major announcement at the Weta/Shadow and Flame party during Comic-Con this year. You will hear me mention it towards the end of the video. The announcement is that Weta Workshop will once again be doing 1:6th statues from The Lord of the Rings. So not only will we be getting great statues from The Hobbit Trilogy fans can now also get great statues with the Middle-earth map base we know and love from The Lord of the Rings.

Tim Launder who is the General Manager of Weta Limited has this for fans about this announcement:

It’s been several years since Weta last released a figure from our extensive range of 1/6th scale LOTR statues. For the last year and a half, we have been busy creating a new range for The Hobbit. But we think it is now time to also return to The Lord of The Rings and fill a few gaps. What do you think ?