staffer Garfeimao and long-time TORn friend Nancy Steinman were able to secure tickets to the World Premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Here are Garfeimao’s largely spoiler-free thoughts on what she saw.

I am not here to review the technology, this is just going to be a short and sweet commentary on the movie. Martin Freeman is a joy to watch inhabit the role of Bilbo Baggins: you feel everything he feels, and that is all those emotions you read about in the book. Fear, curiosity, courage, homesickness and that sense that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

There are whole chunks of dialogue lifted directly from the book, you will recognize it throughout the film, I had to restrain myself from cheering during at least one of these lines, won’t say which one just yet.

Gandalf is Gandalf, the slightly grumpy, sometimes playful Gandalf the Grey we met 11 years ago is back.

And Richard Armitage as Thorin and Ken Stott as Balin, in particular, shine in their respective roles. You will feel you are in the presence of a King without a Throne. But the kudos really have to go to Andy Serkis as Gollum and Martin’s Bilbo.

The Riddles in the Dark will have you on the edge of you seat, even though you know exactly what happens. It is masterfully delivered, you may even cry (yes, one of many spots I teared up at).

To be honest, yes there are other bits that are a bit confusing and may feel misplaced, but I will want to watch it a second time before I pass final judgement on this film. I loved the ending, it is rather awesome.

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