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*WATCH* the new epic LOTR parody short film “The Todd of the Rings”!

April 30, 2012 at 6:06 pm by Cliff Quickbeam Broadway  - 

Anime fans are already in-the-know, but now Ringer fans have gotten their first look at a funny, impressively detailed parody of The Lord of the  Rings Trilogy!  Animation voiceover star Vic Mignogna, familiar from shows like FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, DRAGON BALL Z, BLEACH and NARUTO, has been playfully embroiled in a video tribute challenge with fellow voice actor and friend Todd Haberkorn.  The resulting comedy videos between them have become progressively more detailed and complex (and hysterical).  This newly forged “Rings” parody looks amazing; and features a familiar personality from  Our very own Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam), host of the weekly webcast TORn TUESDAY, plays Gandalf the Grey!  This playful mini-epic was presented at Anime Central just a few days ago in Chicago, and showcases some epic talent both in front of and behind the camera! Ringer friend Nicole Roberts (recent WETA contest winner) helped secure a bevy of prize-winning costumes for this parody ‘Fellowship.’  What was the genesis of this remarkable 23-minute parody?  Mignogna states: “What started out as a simple tribute video rivalry among friends, has ultimately culminated in this epic production.”  Filled with anime in-jokes and high end production value, this “Todd of the Rings” is the send-up to rule them all.  View it exclusively on YouTube here.

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6 responses to “*WATCH* the new epic LOTR parody short film “The Todd of the Rings”!”

  1. Ghan-buri-ghan says:

    Well, I’m sorry, but that was awful.  There was some big central joke that I didn’t get at all, basically leaving just a hatchet-job edit of LotR.

  2. Rochendil says:

    Well that was 24 minutes of my life wasted!

  3. Danji J says:

    I like this parody and laughed at it for it’s cheesiness. But I gotta agree with Ghan. The jokes are all anime references which I did get, but the majority of people who like LOTR would not get. 😐
    It’s only funny to those who have kept up with the “Tribute Wars” and those who enjoy anime.
    Despite this, I really loved the production value and the fact that you guys went to New Zealand, got great wardrobe and makeup shows massive dedication.

  4. Asjdajsdkj says:

    Not funny at all.  Shut it off after 6 min

  5. wow..the lady Gimli really ruins this..

  6. Mike Morgan says:

    Finally, a video more gay than Twilight.  This is lower than “arrow in the knee” jokes.  This makes me want to unfriend TORn…

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