A big thanks to everybody who sent in theater information about The Hobbit trailer.  While we are sorry you didn’t get to see it on the big screen, we are glad you wrote in to help out.  We are no longer updating the page, so while your emails are appreciated, no further action will be taken.

We recommend calling your local theater to see if they have attached the trailer.  The trailers have been sent out to local cinemas but it is up to individual cinemas when and where they use them.  Be a proactive consumer.  We did hear back from Warner Bros. on this issue and are pleased to share their statement with Hobbit fans.

Warner Bros. appreciates the interest in the trailer for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, and has let us know that it is in approximately 90% of the theaters playing TINTIN.  The studio understands if any fans were disappointed not to see it in their local theater, and they suggest that everyone looking for the trailer check with the theater first to make sure it’s playing on that screen.

And Happy Holidays!

The rest of the world is perfectly free to walk (or run) to the cinema and watch The Adventures of Tintin directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg. But for once, the tables are turned on movie lovers in the U.S. and we must wait until December to see the motion capture film of the beloved comic strip character produced by Peter Jackson.

However, those who are anticipating Belgian writer and cartoonist Hergé’s collection of grand adventure stories put on screen can content themselves with The Art of The Adventures of Tintin book from special effects studio Weta and HarperCollins. Continue reading “Review: The Art of the Adventures of Tintin”