Season 2 of Hollywood Treasure opened with a segment sure to spark the interest of Tolkien and Lord of the Ring fans. Actor Sean Astin, commonly known as Samwise Gamgee around these parts, was treated to a viewing of one of only three original maps of Middle Earth, illustrated by Pauline Baynes who was commissioned to do all of the artwork for the book’s first publication. In a bit of quid pro quo Sean returns with some of his cherished mementos from the shoot including his elven broach and Sam’s pack. The episode is available to watch on Hulu as well at’s site. (and also after the break) If you were wondering – Hollywood Treasure boss Joe thinks the original map will go to auction later in 2012 and should fetch something in the neighborhood of US$30,000 to US$50,000. Don’t forget you can follow Sean on Twitter . Our thanks to Spy elswifto for the heads up. [Hollywood Treasure]

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