Daniel Falconer Interview

In honor of Happy Hobbit bringing Middle-earth into daily lives for three years, we have a special interview with our friend Daniel Falconer of Weta Workshop!


Hitting our inbox today was word that some Hobbit toys are available for preorder. This will happen – a lot – over the next few months but this provides some concrete details about what we can expect in stores in the holiday season while we lead up to the first of the two films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit in December. Unfortunately, no visuals, but thanks to ringerspies Iain and Stormcrow for the heads up. The listing provides some very broad clues, none of them surprises. Most interesting is the “Beast Pack Series”. The items are likely sold to outlets in packs to be sold individually at retail but that is speculation. It looks like these will be available in October.

The product list is as follows:
The Hobbit 3.75″ Beast Pack Series 01 – Case of 4 – $87.99
The Hobbit 3.75″ Collector Pack – $29.99
The Hobbit 3.75″ Figure Series 01 – Case of 6 – $59.99
The Hobbit 3.75″ Figure Two-Pack Series 01 – Case of 4 – $67.99
The Hobbit 3.75″ Goblin Battle Set – $44.99
The Hobbit 6″ Deluxe Collector Figure 01 – $21.99
The Hobbit 6″ Figure Series 01 – Case of 6 – $99.99
The Hobbit Deluxe Sting Sword – $21.99
The Hobbit Dwarven Battle Axe – $14.99
The Hobbit Role Play Sting Sword – $10.99
You can see the listing right here. This is starting to get fun!

Stephen Colbert is an unabashed popular-culture geek and frequently drops his Middle-earth knowledge and displays various swords, rings and LOTR stuff on his show The Colbert Report. So when he had Elijah Wood on to chat about Happy Feet 2 he “unexpectedly” dropped into a conversation about the currently filming Hobbit movies and made it clear that he has visited the set and been privy to secrets and then “duels” with Wood. Is he steeped enough in Tolkien pop-culture to someday drop a TORn reference? We wish he would but in the meantime, enjoy the clip! Thanks to spy Esme, the first of many to drop that little gem to us at Spymaster@theonering.net.

The New Zealand Herald ran a story recently, which we reported on, about prop collection that cast doubt on Troika Brodsky and his extensive LOTR collection.

Not only did the paper originally spell Brodsky’s name wrong, it seems the information in the story is suspicious, including the reported $50,000 he paid for a well-documented Sting.

Collector blog www.originalprop.com has published an extensive piece that gives Brodsky his say and also documents in detail the authenticity of the prop (among others) that is the focus of writer Joseph Barratt’s original story. They even reference a TORn article about Frodo’s sword. A complete read is pretty convincing and casts a lot of doubt about the original article and a possible attempt by Barratt to hook readers with a sensational headline.

To read the rest of the story, click here.