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WITN: Human Video

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment releases three new video vignettes for the November 1 game, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. In each of three, one of the heroes in the brutal battle ahead is featured, with three facets of their character featured – the upgrading of skills, their inherent abilities, and their methods of defense.

Farin, the Dwarf warrior. Andriel, the elf lore-master. Eredan, the human ranger. Each of these vignettes focuses on not only their actions and abilities in combat – showcasing their various long and short range attacks against Middle-earth’s most detestable creatures – but spotlights the abilities innate to each race and the navigation of their skill tree, giving a glimpse of what each character is capable of. Continue reading “Three New Video Vignettes for The Lord of the Rings: War in the North”

Today. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment releases a new gameplay vignette, focusing on the recently revealed character Beleram, the Great Eagle, from their upcoming video game, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. This vignette illustrates Beleram’s critical role as strategic component for players of this 3 player co-op action RPG. In the war brewing in Northern Middle-earth, the strategic alliance with Beleram cannot be underestimated.

Ripping enemies limb from limb, grabbing foes in his talons and flinging them off cliffs, destroying enemy structures and taking to the air in defense of the Fellowship; while Beleram cannot be tamed or owned, his strength can be called upon to save the North of Middle-earth. Closing with a final image of the eagle smiting a foul Fell Beast, Beleram is one of a handful of heroes that stand in Sauron’s path in the North. Continue reading “The Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Great Eagle Vignette”

Tina Stevenson, Community Manager for Warinthenorth.com dropped me a line to let me know about this cool event the dev team has cooked up for you guys.

Tina writes: “We’re have a big part of our team sit down from 2-6 PDT today to watch the ‘Fellowship of the Ring: extended edition’ all together. Luckily, being a game studio means we all have tvs, computers, and dvd players right at our desk. We’ll be chatting along on Facebook with a heavy bent of just fans being fans together.

The main reason we set this up is because the theatrical re-release didn’t come to our part of town, so not many of us got to go… I know it is that way for International fans, and a lot of other folks as well.”

Be sure to head on over to their Facebook page for the details…happy viewing!

Snowblind Studios and Warner Bros. are gearing up for E3 by giving players and Lord of the Ring fans a major new development in their upcoming LOTR: War in the North game. Until now, videos and game info have only revealed three main characters in the game’s co-op fellowship. Namely, Eradin, a roguish character, Andriel, a lore-master (think mage), and Farin, a dwarf who prefers the hack-n-slash method of dispatching orcs and trolls.

These three are sent into the northern regions of Middle-earth to bring down the forces of Agandaur, one of Sauron’s lieutenants, who is raising an army to sweep down and crush any resistance during the War of the Ring. More..

Along with that awesome video we posted yesterday, here are some images from Snowblind’s ‘War in the North’, due out this year! Treating players to warfare befitting the clashes of Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North comes to player’s hands later this year. Register at www.WarInTheNorth.com, and don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @WarInTheNorth. Continue reading “More Epicness from Snowblind/WB ‘War in the North’”

While in Seattle earlier this month I had the chance to attend the ‘Second Breakfast’ event held by the folks at Warner Bros and Snowbling Studios. They played another demo of their new game ‘The War in the North’, displayed some amazing concept art and had a large number of the developer team available for interviews. Here is my chat with one of the designers.