Bigger photos of character torsos give us a better look at the craftmanship of the Amazon TV series.

We have dug deep into the mines of Moria to find bigger versions of the Instagram posters revealed by Amazon. These are 5% taller, providing a bit more detail to obsess over before the show debut on September 2, 2022.

No characters are confirmed, but fans have very strong suspicions who these posters represent from the race of elves, men, dwarves and harfoots. Also some look like royalty, and according to a new spy report you can see the legendary Narsil sword in one poster!

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Hobbit Movie Poster GandalfSo today I’m talking posters! And by posters I mean not people who post comments or write posts on websites and blogs. I’m talking sheets of paper that fans of pop stars, bands, TV shows and yes, even movies, do collect and treasure.

Beginning with Comic-Con 2012, fans were treated to one of the first posters for An Unexpected Journey. It was a Comic-Con exclusive that showed Gandalf approaching Bag End on a misty morning in the quiet of the world when there was less noise and more green. And as an allusion, perhaps, to the darker tone of the films compared to the lighthearted children’s tale that is the book, the early morning sun seemed to peek through a wrack of ominous dark clouds.

As an introductory poster to new audiences and also old ones returning to the world of Middle-earth, there couldn’t have been a better piece of imagery set to paper. Continue reading “Where have all the Hobbit posters gone?”