Sean AstinDeleece x writes: Hi tornsibs – There was no TORN Radio segment this week, but a big treat instead – Sohaib talks with Sean Astin at Icon Long Island last week. There were a few little technical hitches, but I think we have the transcript is intact.

Sohaib: And we’re back on Fictional frontiers with Sohaib, we’re out at the Icon 2009 Long Island and I know a lot of our Lord of the Rings fans, and that should be everyone on our show definitely, is very excited because; one Sean Astin is here to talk to us for a couple of minutes and he’s a little bit pressed for time, which is understandable, given what he’s accomplished, and when you think of friendship and loyalty I don’t think of any other character other than Samwise Gamgee … and I think …

Sean: Well, Thank-you!

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