Weta writes: The team at Weta would like to welcome fans on TheOneRing.net to come visit us at Comic Con.

Attending from Weta will be Richard Taylor (Creative Director and Co-founder of Weta), Greg Broadmore (Lead conceptual designer for District 9 and creator of Dr Grordbort’s) and his beard, Dave Tremont (Senior Model Maker, and builder of Grond from LOTR) and his tools, Ri Streeter (who “really” runs the workshop) with her I-phone that never stops, Kate McCormick (nice, helpful person lurking behind the counter) and Tim Launder (tall guy) with his long arms. Please come and say Hi, and tell us you post on TORn. Continue reading “Weta invites fans to visit at Comic-Con”

The folks from WETA write: District 9 lead Designer Greg Broadmore talks about the phenomenally successful movie. Tim Launder re-caps about Comic Con and Weta’s new product ranges. And Daniel and Magnus geek out over a variety of things. As usual!
Listen to Episode XII here!

Five weeks to go! If you are coming to Comic Con 2009 in San Diego on 22-26 July, please come and visit the Weta crew at our booth 2615, which we share with our good friends from Dark Horse Comics.

Weta’s Richard Taylor, Greg Broadmore, Ri Streeter, Kate McCormick and Tim Launder will be rowing our war canoe over the Pacific Ocean to attend the show. Please come and say Hi and hang out with us.

We just hope all our new displays arrive in good condition. They are currently en-route to the show on the “Venture” and Captain Englehorn reports “strange goings on” down in the hold. Here is his last transmission. More…