BotFATrailer82 It’s been a long journey since our very first TORn staff frame-by-frame trailer analysis — all the way back in 2001 when The Fellowship of the Ring was about to debut on the silver screen. Now it’s the very last one — the frame-by-frame for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

It’s been a lot of fun for us all, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the reading as much as we’ve enjoyed the analysing and speculating.

So without further ado except for the compulsory movie spoiler warning… Continue reading “TORn’s final frame-by-frame analysis: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies main trailer”

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1. Warner Bros Logo

deej:  Interesting how the studio logos appear wooden; I don’t think that was done for the first 2 Hobbit films.

Garfeimao: Love the new titles, with the Wood and Stone feel to them.

greendragon: don’t love the wonky flying titles. But, no biggie. 🙂

Kelvarhin:  I’m wondering if they’re going with the wooden look in the actual movie or if it’s just for the trailers, I’m hoping it’s just the trailers.

Sarumann: The flying logos are nice, but I feel they’re a little overdone and gimmicky. I much preferred the one shot of all three together.

Mithril:  Is it wood or is it stone? The Warner Bros. logo and the MGM logos look like striated golden stone, but the New Line logo looks like wood. The end Hobbit logo looks like chiseled stone. It’s confusing and, it takes me out of my anticipation for the trailer and leaves me wondering about the logo.

Elessar:  Logos are different for sure. Kind of cool.

Quickbeam: How much money did they spend creating these 3D logos? They tilt, moving through computer space, yet possess an aged crumbly stone texture to feel Middle-earthy.

Aragorn the Elfstone: It’s amusing to think that 2 years ago, I would have cringed at starting off the teaser with a 3D effect such as this. But I’ve been so completely won over by PJ’s 48 FPS 3D cinematography that these titles just make me giggle with anticipation at slipping on the 3D glasses once more.

Ainu Laire: To clarify to all readers, well, reading this, I did not read my fellow staff members’ comments before writing mine. You may find some repetition. That said, one cannot help but be impressed at how /awesome/ logos in movies look today compared to a couple decades ago.

2. MGM Logo

3. New Line still hanging in there…

grammaboodawg: The presence of these opening credits is really setting the tone for the film compared to the previous two films. It’s dark, intense, and slightly off kilter.

Ainu Laire: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the reason the Hobbit took so long to get out of legal dead ends! Look at all those studios!

4. Bilbo contemplates the ramifications of The Battle of the Five Armies

deej:  Bilbo looks lost; what (or who) is beyond him in that room?

Garfeimao: Bilbo sitting alone, deep in thought. But the eye is drawn to the room behind him, with the shaft of light on a Dwarven statue. As in Moria, a shaft of light illuminates Balin’s tomb, is that what is going on here? Is this a tomb, and if so, is it an old one, or currently in use? The rest of the room is too dimly lit for my human eyes, except to say there are cobwebs, and lumps under blankets/sheets/cloaks/shrouds.

greendragon: A stunned Bilbo sits somewhere in Erebor, near the bodies of those who fell in battle. This is an extraordinary, heartbreaking image.

Kelvarhin: Bilbo looks completely shattered, like he can’t believe what’s happened, truly heartbreaking.

Sarumann:  I love this shot! It’s clearly after the battle is over, and strikes me as a bit of a callback to ROTK, and the shot of Gandalf sitting alone after Pippin finishes singing his song to Denethor. It’s truly heartbreaking. The question on everybody’s mind is, of course, who are the three bodies in the background?

Mithril: From the moment I saw this opening shot, I thought of Balin’s Tomb. It is framed the same way and has the shaft of light shining down on the casket. It is clearly a visual reference.
As far as the spiderwebs indicating it can’t be a newly setup room, The Lonely Mountain has been empty except for Smaug for years, and spiderwebs that large are no easy task to clear away. In the midst of a battle, or right afterwards, everything would be makeshift, and they probably wouldn’t take the time to clean up.
What looks like three shrouds are visible. I kept thinking, they were too small to be bodies, but then I remembered they could be Dwarves. :'(

grammaboodawg: After much examination, this is the one scene that will break hearts. Far down the hall into the chamber are what appear to be at least 2 covered remains; occupied boots resting to the right of the shrouds. Bilbo’s small, lost, grief-stricken posture on the bench relays the devastation. It’s an incredibly sad and disturbing image.

Elessar:   Bilbo looking sad and alone. Why is he looking that way? Is this later in the film or is it him thinking about betraying Thorin.

Quickbeam: Familiar colors and composition to the Chamber of Mazarbul, but I can’t see (as easily as other TORn staffers can see) the shrouded bodies in the background as recognizable *bodies*.

Ainu Laire: Dead people 🙁 *leaves it to other staffers to say something more eloquent*

5. Close-up on Bilbo

Garfeimao: this is when Bilbo is talking about how he’ll remember everything, the good, the bad, those who lived and those who did not. You can almost see the tears about to spill out.

Sarumann:  I’m just going to talk about Bilbo’s speech in this frame, even though it carries over many others. I love how this sets the stage for the Red Book of Westmarch, with Bilbo talking about how he will remember all that has happened. This is an important moment for Bilbo, as it will pretty much define him for the rest of his life.

Mithril: The sequence makes it look like Bilbo is talking to Tauriel, but it’s dark where he is, and she is outside. I think he’s still sitting in the same place as the previous shot. Do they cut to Tauriel to imply he is remembering her?

grammaboodawg: To see this loyal, wonderful hobbit so broken and filled with grief is heartbreaking. His eyes look swollen from weeping.

Elessar: The start of Bilbo’s speech. I love it! Such a quick and powerful moment from the movie.

Quickbeam: Here we witness Bilbo’s nascent storytelling instincts coming out.

Aragorn the Elfstone: Who is Bilbo speaking to here? The dark hair makes me think Thorin. Is this before their falling out? The phenomenal relationship set up by the writers and executed by Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage is one of the best things about these films, and it will be heartbreaking to see it deteriorate throughout the final act.

6. Close-up on Tauriel

Garfeimao: What gets me is there is a huge battle going on behind Tauriel, so what has held her attention in the opposite direction?

greendragon: The cares of war show in her face; and on which side has she chosen to fight? (Where is this? Possibly in the ruins of Dale?)

Kelvarhin:  We can see a battle going on behind Tauriel, but she seems shocked by something in the other direction.

grammaboodawg:  It looks like Tauriel has, once again, been in the middle of war. There are amoured bodies on the ground, and it looks like the townsfolk are still worked up.

Elessar: Tauriel there is a battle going on. This better be important.

Quickbeam:  I’m pleased to see this kind of fear in an Elf’s eyes. Tauriel has more to do in this story than be Kili’s distracting crush.

Aragorn the Elfstone: I have no idea what Tauriel is looking at here, but it’s as good a time as any to raise my hand and announce myself a big fan. Playing a non-Tolkien character can be a thankless job, and Ms. Lilly has given a great performance.

Ainu Laire: I like Tauriel. I’ll like her even more if they nix that ridiculous Dwarf-Elf hinted relationship. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, really. But for a character who Tolkien never wrote, she’s not that bad on her own at all.

7. Gandalf rides into Dale

Garfeimao: Weapons rack set up in Dale, you gotta wonder if this is something they found within one of the burnt out buildings. Gandalf is seen riding into frame.

greendragon:  Is this another shot in the ruins of Dale? Looks like Gandalf has by now returned from Dol Guldur and joined the Battle of Five Armies. Great sword rack – is that elves providing swords for men?

Mithril: Gandalf riding into Dale(?) Riding implies that he has just gotten there, just like when he would ride up to save the day on Shadowfax. Has he just gotten there from Dol Guldur?

Elessar: Here comes Gandalf. I’m assuming this is him telling folks Azog is on his way.

Quickbeam:  I wanted to be *that* extra in the background of TBOTFA, racking up some weapons custom made by WETA. Lucky guy.

Aragorn the Elfstone: Gandalf comes storming into the ruins of Dale, unlike his quiet return in the novel. This really is a quintessential example of the difference between Tolkien’s book and Jackson’s massive retelling of The Quest for Erebor.

Ainu Laire: Gearing for war! With the Dwarves likely at this point. Is this a spoiler free commentary? Well, my comments might have spoilers below. Be warned! 77 year old spoilers abound! Disclaimer: yes, we know it’s still a little less than two months until 77 years to the Hobbit’s publishing date but that 76 year-300-something-day-spoiler looks really clunky.

8. Inside Dale

Garfeimao: Is Gandalf riding a Clydesdale?

grammaboodawg: Gandalf has arrived as the townsfolk prepare for conflict. He’s in full-gallop as he passes through much the same way he will do riding through the many-leveled streets of Minas Tirith.

Quickbeam:  I can’t remember the name of Gandalf’s lovely horse throughout these two final films. Was this horse the same one still on loan from Beorn?

9. Soldiers in Dale

greendragon: This is battle on a huge scale. The crowds of soldiers and weapons, with Gandalf riding through on a horse, are very reminiscent of Gondor.

Quickbeam: Ruins of Dale. Everyone quite busy arming themselves before the coming storm. This part of the story reflects Tolkien’s chapter title: “The Gathering of the Clouds.”

Ainu Laire: This is the new previously completely and utterly never before mentioned new frame-rate, 64 fps. Get the blur and nausea of battle like you’ve never experienced it before!

10. Night-time in Lake-town

Garfeimao: Lake-town deep in slumber

greendragon: Poor, beautiful Lake-town

Kelvarhin: Lake-town looking so beautiful and peaceful.

Sarumann: We all know the quote that Smaug will be a “killing machine”, and here we can see why. That is a lot of destruction for one shot!

Mithril: Lake-town doesn’t stand a chance against Smaug. Even though it’s on the water, it’s all made out of wood. The town will be nothing but kindling after the dragon has made several passes at it. Even the water won’t be safe with all the burning buildings collapsing into it. It’s going to be terrifying to watch people scrambling for their lives.

grammaboodawg: It’s lights out in Lake-town. I wonder if it’s the way each evening normally is, or if they’re as clueless of what is coming as they seem to be when they locked up Bard?

Quickbeam: Venice at night. How lovely. But something will shatter this peace….

Aragorn the Elfstone:  I’ll admit it. After the Comic-Con poster, I expected (worried?) the teaser to focus mostly on Smaug. But this shot pretty much says it all where he’s concerned, doesn’t it? Thankfully, the teaser sets up the right expectations for the final film and shows that there’s more to the resolution of this story than the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities.

Ainu Laire:  I feel incredibly bad for all the extras in those houses. Dramatic irony will be within the whole audience (hopefully) as they see peaceful, beautiful Lake-town enjoying a fine winter’s evening…

11. Smaug attacks Lake-town

deej: This scene give credence to Smaug’s proclamation “I am fire; I am death”

Garfeimao: The Fury of a Fire Drake made manifest

Kelvarhin:  And then this happens 🙁  Amazing shots of Smaug raining fire on the unsuspecting town though.

grammaboodawg:  Even after all the times we saw Smaug blazing away in the chambers, nothing could prepare us for his powerful reach in the open!

Quickbeam:  In the words of the late Sir Ralph Richardson, starring most notably as Ulrich the Wizard in the 1981 classic DRAGONSLAYER (which immediately comes to mind with this shot), I can only say quietly in awe: “Draco…. Dracorum….”

Ainu Laire:  *insert fireball WHOOMP here*

12. Lake-town burning

grammaboodawg: Wow! Even the water is on fire!

Quickbeam: How can the surface of the Long Lake be flammable? The science-minded part of me questions this.

Ainu Laire: If done successfully, I will feel really bad for everyone there when watching the film. At the moment, I cannot help but marvel at how flipping cool this looks! I hope Smaug is able to show his full glory before Bard downs him.

13. Smaug “I am Fire, I am Death!”

grammaboowdawg: It’s amazing the Smaug seems to have targeted the platforms or sea-level of the structures leaving the rooftops untouched… until the next pass. What an amazing picture!

Elessar: HGTV’s new restoration show is starting nicely. lol Very cool moment seeing Smaug finally take out Laketown. Awesome!

Quickbeam:  It appears Smaug could incinerate the entirety of Lake-town in just two or three passes.

14. Legolas and Tauriel and the Lake-town survivors looking at the remains of Lake-town

deej:  Legolas and Tauriel must be having a difficult time processing the death and destruction they’ve just witnessed in Lake-town.; as relatively young elves, they probably wouldn’t have had much experience dealing with loss.

Garfeimao: You don’t see the faces of Legolas or Tauriel, but the fact they are just standing there, hands down, they seem to be dumbfounded by the destruction they see.

greendragon: Lake-town refugees; with their town a smouldering ruin in the background. Heartbreaking.

Kelvarhin: Legolas and Tauriel seem shell-shocked.  The image with the survivors and the smouldering remains of Lake-town behind them is heartbreaking.

Sarumann: I know that some may say that the the fact that Bilbo says “And those that did not [survive].” over this shot is proof that Tauriel will be among them. I am standing by my (minority) opinion that she will actually live through this movie!

Mithril: Surrounded by refugees, Legolas and Tauriel look on as Lake-town smolders. I’m guessing this is after Smaug has fallen. The scene where he is torching the town is at night. This is full daylight, and they are too calm for a rampant dragon to still be abroad. At least we know these two Elves make it to the final battle.

grammaboodawg: I wonder when and how Tauriel left Lake-town during Smaug’s attack? She’s on the shore with the other survivors, and Legolas has returned from his pursuit of Bolg.

Elessar: Legolas and Tauriel looking over those that survived Smaug. I think realizing you’ve gotta come together to overcome evil.

Quickbeam: And indeed he does incinerate Esgaroth — but who has survived? Some humans and a couple of Elves.

Ainu Laire:  I love destroyed Lake-town on the other side! I had not noticed that the first time I saw the trailer. As one who has seen wildfires, I can assure readers who live in less dry areas of the world that that looks very realistic. The landscape and the mix of CGI more or less flawlessly combined never fails to impress me.

15. Lake-town survivors heading for sanctuary

deej:  Lake-town refugees; reminiscent of the Edoras people on their way to Helm’s Deep.

Garfeimao: Another refugee scene, but this time with the destroyed home behind them. Also, another panorama shot that shows why New Zealand is Middle-earth

greendragon:  Ah, the sweeping New Zealand vista… Once again, poor Lake-town. This appears to be more refugees leaving – reminding me of ‘fleeing to Helm’s Deep’.

Kelvarhin:  Beautiful New Zealand.  Though this scene does make me think of the “fleeing to Helm’s Deep” scene in TTT.

Sarumann: The march of the refugees. Again, as a callback to the march from Edoras to Helm’s Deep, this is an effective shot – particularly with the smoldering ruins of Lake-town in the background. And speaking of callbacks, now we hear Pippin’s song. It’s a truly heartbreaking song, and it works so perfectly with this teaser!

Mithril: Lake-town refugees making a trek to safety? I wonder why they have gone so far up the mountain. In the book, they build makeshift camps by the lake. Are they going to Dale?

Quickbeam: I kinda like the change in topography around the Long Lake environment (as compared to Tolkien’s description of the land, which was much less mountainous).

Aragorn the Elfstone:  If ever there was a truly LotR-esque shot in these films, this would be it. How fitting that we hear the opening lines of Billy Boyd’s Edge of Night over it. It was impossible to not be anticipating it after the reports from Comic-Con came pouring in. But I can only imagine the emotional impact it had without knowing it was coming. Even so, it still packed a wallop.

Ainu Laire: Best commercial for New Zealand, especially since they killed its only dragon.

16. Lake-town survivors with the smouldering Lake-town in the distance

grammaboodawg: I’ve looked at this very intensely, and it looks like they could be survivors leaving the burned-out town walking along paths single-file on their way to the Lonely Mountain. Or it could be Dain and the dwarves on their way to join Thorin. But with the amount of smoke that is still pouring from the rubble, I think its survivors.

Quickbeam:  As refugees leave, look carefully for Smaug’s carcass near (or even on top of) the ruins of Lake-town. The dragon’s body is simply not there. Will it be added by digital artists later? Is it hidden within the plumes of acrid smoke?

17. This December

Mithril: “This December”

Quickbeam:  It’s funny and often puzzling how many noobs still ask me: “When is the next Hobbit film coming out?” They clearly don’t remember the release pattern of the LOTR Trilogy.

Ainu Laire: *looks at calendar* *sighs*

18. Fili, Kili, Bofur and Oin on stairway in Erebor

Garfeimao: I think it very likely this is the 4 Dwarves from Lake-town rejoining the Company of Thorin. The vastness of space within Erebor never ceases to amaze me.

greendragon:  in Erebor – looks like Kili, Fili, Bofur, Oin. So this would be the four dwarves who remained behind in Lake-town in DoS; is this their first chance to return to Erebor?

Kelvarhin:  Fili, Kili, Bofur and Oin return to Erebor.  Really love the way they’ve done the interiors of Erebor.

Sarumann: This looks like the Esgaroth Four (Kili, Fili, Bofur and Oin) arriving in Erebor – probably to tell Thorin that Lake-town is under attack. Given the way things left off in the last film, I don’t think Thorin is going to be too overly concerned by this.

Mithril: Four Dwarves descending stairs in Erebor. Are they heading towards the exit? After lightening the image and closer examination, I think it is Oin, Kili, Bofur and Fili. Perhaps this shows them returning to the Lonely Mountain.

grammaboodawg: Is that Balin descending a staircase deeper into the chamber? It looks untouched by Smaug.

Quickbeam:  The previous draconian resident being absent; the remaining Company chance a deeper exploration within the Lonely Mountain.

Ainu Laire: Moria, only cooler. I do love the look of Erebor’s interior and cannot wait to see more in the final film.

19. Kili helping to barricade the doors

Garfeimao: We now see Kili and another dwarf righting a fallen statue, or moving it. We also see they are in their found armor. Is this clean up, or are they moving things in order to barricade the entrance?

greendragon: Restoring fallen splendours, or preparing bits of broken statues to be used in catapults??

Kelvarhin:  Kili and one of the other dwarves lifting a fallen statue, is it part of the barricading of the entrance?

Sarumann: This seems to be some rebuilding or fortification happening. My guess would be that it’s in preparation for battle, as there is a particular spoiler that would make this very unlikely to be taking place after.

Mithril: Kili and another dwarf (?) hoisting up a statue. I kind of doubt they are restoring it to its place, but more likely going to hurl it down on their enemies

grammaboodawg: Kili, Fili and others are trying to right this statue. Is it Thráin’s, or Thrór’s?

Quickbeam:  We know for sure Kili survives the dragon’s attack — but isn’t he still too sickly/weak for such heavy lifting (assuming much of these images are shown in chronological order of the film’s story)?

Aragorn the Elfstone: Post Lake-town destruction downtime for the Dwarves. I have to imagine that there wouldn’t be much of this if they’d stuck with doing just two films. I wasn’t a supporter of the three film expansion, but silver linings abound.

20. Close-up of Bard

Garfeimao:  Bard with at least two others, in Dale. He seems rather uncertain with what he is seeing.

greendragon: Hero shot!

Sarumann: Look at Bard being all noble-looking!

Mithril: Bard looking heroic and determined.

Elessar: I love Luke Evans as Bard.

Quickbeam:  A Welsh lad playing a descendant of Dale. Actually good casting here.

Ainu Laire: He got some tips from Aragorn in the Kingly Look, to say the least. Aragorn of course went back in time to communicate this.

21. Thranduil searching amongst the dead

deej: Beautiful shot of Thranduil walking through the ruins of Dale. Perhaps he’s having regrets not helping them when asked?

Garfeimao:  Thranduil entering a square in Dale alone with many bodies strewn throughout, this happens to the line of “And there are many paths to tread” from Pippin’s song, very fitting. I do love the deer statue behind him, especially since it seems the White Hart scene is back in the Extended Edition.

greendragon: Thranduil with his Patronus? 🙂 Dead bodies in the ruins of Dale – the aftermath of the BoFA. Elves and Lake-town men alike have fallen.

Kelvarhin:  Thranduil walking through Dale, looking at all the dead bodies, both men and Elves.  Not sure if he’s just surveying the destruction or looking for Legolas.

Sarumann: We see Thranduil walking through what looks like the ruins of Dale. And there are some fresh corpses on the ground (Dwarf and Elf side by side – nice touch), so this is likely after the battle. Is Thranduil starting to soften and see the greater danger in the world?

Mithril: Thranduil in Dale walking past the fallen, both Elves and Men. Is he the only one who survived this particular battle? Is this his awakening, where he realizes that Elves, Men and Dwarves must fight as one?

grammaboodawg: Thranduil has finally arrived. Perhaps seeing this devastation will cool his attitude of autonomy.

Elessar: Thranduil looking over the losses suffered. I don’t know if this will soften his resolve any.

Quickbeam: How long since Thranduil has personally seen the horrors of war?

Ainu Laire:  I love the artistry of this shot. I can only wonder what is going through Thranduil’s mind.

22. Galadriel walking through Dol Guldur

Garfeimao: Galadriel, barefoot, walking into Dol Guldur, unafraid and unfettered by shoes, no matter the rough terrain.

greendragon: That barefoot can only be Galadriel’s… That’s a blackened skull in the foreground. Sinister place – Dol Guldur?

Kelvarhin:  Galadriel walking barefoot through Dol Guldur?  Wouldn’t have thought she’d go into battle without shoes on…

Sarumann: Here’s a bit of Galadriel in Dol Guldur, kissing an unconscious Gandalf on the forehead. This is most likely after the assault on the fortress. We’re seeing a lot of aftermath in this teaser!

Mithril: Why would Galadriel be walking barefoot here? It’s obviously dangerous. I assumed she was at Dol Guldur. As someone else pointed out, could this be a dream sequence being had by Gandalf? Like when Frodo has the vision of her in the pass of Cirith Ungol, and she holds out her hand to him. I wonder if her kiss will be the thing that wakes him.

grammaboodawg: This moment of Galadriel in the ruin of Dol Guldur is incredible! Her beauty and power is so evident as she easily moves through the jagged ground.

Quickbeam: Another direct homage to PJ’s previous familiar shots from LOTR. Remember right before The Mirror of Galadriel scene? Same lovely, 7000 year-old feet, padding softly across the dark ground.

Ainu Laire: Lady of the Galadhrim or not, that has to be a hazard with all the weapons and sharp pointy rocks lying about. Don’t try this at home.

23. Kiss of life Elven-style

deej:  Could this be after Gandalf is rescued in Dol Guldur? Heartbreaking, in any case.

Garfeimao: The tenderness shown here will show why Galadriel is so heartbroken when Gandalf falls in Moria. Gandalf looks completely broken.

greendragon: And there she is. Kissing a wounded Gandalf – presumably after the White Council have faced down the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.

grammaboodawg: How wonderful is this? Galadriel has come to help Gandalf as she promised; but we don’t know if he was even able to reach out to her in voice or thought. It could even be that Radagast alerted her of Gandalf going into Dol Guldur alone.

Elessar: Galadriel kissing Gandalf on the head. This is the scene that rumors caused people to totally freak out. Seems like nothing to me as far as that goes. I think its going to help really add to when The Fellowship tells her about Gandalf’s death.

Quickbeam: My single favorite aspect of the whole Hobbit Trilogy: more direct interpersonal moments between Mithrandir and the Lady of Lothlorien.

Aragorn the Elfstone: Is this the most emotional frame I’ve yet seen from this trilogy? It may well be.

Ainu Laire: A time for Seriousness. I dislike the shipping jokes between these two, because I think it undermines the deep friendship that is being displayed here. I look forward to seeing this dynamic more in the third film.

24. Witness

Mithril: “Witness”

Quickbeam:  I remember a little movie from 1985 starring Harrison Ford about a little Amish boy who witnessed a murder…

25. The Dwarves and the golden hoard

Garfeimao: Thorin in the treasure room, the other dwarves up above it. Is he still looking for the Arkenstone?

greendragon: Looks like Bilbo and the four dwarves returned from Lake-town (Fili, Kili, Bofur, Oin) gazing down on Thorin, who is transfixed by treasure. The gold sickness takes a hold…

Kelvarhin:  Thorin appears to be still searching for the Arkenstone, while the other dwarves look on.

Mithril: Inside Erebor with mountains of gold in the foreground. I think its the same sequence with the four Dwarves going down the stairs but from another angle.

grammaboodawg: Thorin is standing alone at the top of the stairs (just to the left), and the dwarves can be seen lined up far above on the outcrop in the upper just off-center part of the picture.

Quickbeam: Far in the background you’ll see Balin, Dwalin, Bilbo, but not all of the nine Dwarves who were split off from the four remaining in Lake-town.

Ainu Laire: One can understand the gold fever that went through Elves, Dwarves, and Men with a shot like that. I mean, talk about a lot of gold! If they have supply-rich neighbors to trade the gold with to help rebuild, it’s no wonder folks turned their thought to Erebor.

26. The madness of King Thorin

Garfeimao:  Is that desperation or madness in Thorin’s face?

greendragon: He knows he’s a doomed man; like someone in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, aware that the disease is gradually taking them. Poor Thorin.

Kelvarhin:  The gold-sickness has really gotten hold of Thorin

Mithril: “…the edge of night” Thorin looking like the gold-lust has taken him

grammaboodawg: Thorin is moving deeper into his obsession with the treasure.

Quickbeam:  That’s a lot of treasure to comb through before you find that Arkenstone, Mister Thorin.

27. Clothed for war

deej: The dwarves, ready for battle. And Bilbo in his Mithril shirt!

Garfeimao: The dwarves all kitted out for battle, with Bilbo in his Mithril shirt watching them pass. In the trailer, you can see that Thorin is on the opposite side of the procession.

greendragon: It does look like Bilbo is wearing the mithril shirt here. The dwarves know this is serious business: ‘It is possible we go to our deaths; the last march of the dwarves…’

Kelvarhin: The Dwarves look amazing in their armour!  Love seeing Bilbo in his Mithril shirt too.

Sarumann: That Dwarven armor looks fantastic! And Aidan Turner really wears it well!

Mithril: The Company marching to battle in their armor. Bilbo wearing the Mithril shirt looks on.

grammaboodawg: What a shot! Bilbo is wearing the mithril shirt looking across and through the armour-decked dwarves at Thorin as they solemnly march by. I’m thinking they’ve just had words.

Quickbeam: Brand new hero-armor for the boys!

Aragorn the Elfstone: Dwarves ready for action! But wait…who are those particular dwarves in the front of the shot? *sobs uncontrollably*

28. The Defining Chapter

Sarumann:  This is an interesting choice of words. In the larger scheme of things, this is certainly the defining chapter, as it will bring the events of ‘The Hobbit’ to a close while also setting the stage for LOTR. This says to me that they’re making a very momentous film here.

Mithril: “The Defining Chapter”

Quickbeam: I’ll believe it when I see it.

Aragorn the Elfstone: Okay, so I know these title cards are pure emotional manipulation on WB’s part to make me get all nostalgic about the entire Middle-earth film franchise, all the way back to The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001…but let’s be honest. It worked.

29. Close-up of Bard and Legolas

Garfeimao: We finally see the context of the meeting between Bard and Legolas, as the seriousness of the Lake-town refugees is brought fully to the foreground.

greendragon: Legolas and Bard join forces in Lake-town…

Sarumann:   Maybe this is showing that Bard has been given command of a battalion of Elves, but I think that this is more likely Bard approaching Thranduil to parley for peace. He’s certainly the kind of Elf King who would have lots of soldier guarding him.

Mithril: Bard and Legolas talking, then Legolas looking towards what?

grammaboodawg: Is Bard asking Legolas if his loyalty is with Thranduil or with the Lake-town survivors?

Quickbeam: “Luke, you look too much like Will Turner. I can’t look at you without memories of what Gore Verbinski put me through.”

Ainu Laire: This shot was bothering me for a moment until it hit me: this looks exactly like a shot between Legolas and Aragorn on Parth Galen from the first film. Even the color tone is very similar.

30. Bard in front of the Elven army

Garfeimao: The Mirkwood Elves seem to have just turned up, surprising the Lake-town refugees (seen to the right). My guess is they weren’t there the night before.

greendragon: As the elves come to fight alongside men once more.

Mithril: It seems to me the Elven army is at attention for Bard. Although it could be Thranduil walking in with an Elven entourage from the right. Bard looks concerned.

grammaboodawg: What an amazing shot of the Mirkwood Elves. Bard must be overwhelmed just seeing this precise and impressive troop.

Quickbeam:  These Elves look as elegant as the ones seen in the Last Alliance of Elves & Men shown in the prologue of FOTR.

Aragorn the Elfstone:  This stunning display of the Elven soldiers (making way for Bard?) is, for me, one of the shots in this teaser that really drives home the different visual aesthetic of this trilogy from The Lord of the Rings. Even with minimal visual effects, the Digital Cinematography delivers such a distinct feel and look that separates it from the earlier films. Most noticeably – the armor on the elves becomes so tangible and close to the touch that it would almost look fake if it wasn’t so expertly crafted.

Ainu Laire: Weta Workshop fan girl moment here.

31. The Elven army parts before Bard

deej: Love this shot of the Mirkwood army parting for Bard; are they taking direction from him, or are they just taking him to Thranduil?

Garfeimao: Bard is surprised as he approaches their ranks, as if he is expected.

greendragon: Hero shot! And some gorgeous elven armour.

grammaboodawg: The elves have shown they are following Bard as leader… or at least as one to honour for killing Smaug.

Quickbeam:  It’s strange having sudden respect and authority, isn’t it, Bard?

Ainu Laire: Bard doesn’t really seem to know exactly what to make of this. I hope we get to see him all kingly. I admittedly have a soft spot for kings, especially of the dark haired, Mannish type. And Bard is one character that I really do enjoy in the films so far. It is a character I would have liked Tolkien to flesh out more. As he cannot anymore, I do not mind at all Jackson giving his interpretation.

32. Of The Middle-earth Saga

Sarumann: Again, this is an interesting choice of words. I don’t think we’ve really seen the two trilogies combined together into one “saga” in any official capacity before now. And calling this the “defining chapter” of it all puts a lot of weight on this movie’s shoulders.

Mithril: “Of the Middle-Earth Saga”. So I wonder why they are considering this “The Defining Chapter of the Middle-earth Saga”. Because it’s when Sauron returns to Mordor? Or just because after this comes the Fellowship of the Ring.

Quickbeam: Interesting that “OF TOLKIEN’S SAGA” has been recrafted “OF THE MIDDLE-EARTH SAGA”

33. Close-up of Bilbo

Garfeimao: Bilbo is now in the midst of the battle, observing it, while others move around him. He looks tired and worried.

greendragon: We can definitely see the collar of the mithril shirt here.

Kelvarhin:  Bilbo facing the reality of war.

Mithril: Bilbo hunkered down by a rock. It’s snowing. He looks really troubled.

grammaboodawg: The strain and fear are so apparent on Bilbo’s face. When was the last time he saw something that made him smile and lightened his heart?

Quickbeam: There’s more pain in his eyes than ever before. Good job, Martin.

Aragorn the Elfstone: As warned, Bilbo Baggins will never be the same again. Neither will our perception of the character throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Ainu Laire: Waking up from unconsciousness? Maybe? *hopeful*

34. Balin, Dwalin and Fili on a war-chariot

Garfeimao: A Dwarven Battle Chariot, doesn’t look like it was designed to drive on ice. Check out the wicked sharp protrusions from the wheels. It appears Balin is driving, with Dwalin and Kili along for the ride, maybe another, not sure. A team of 4 goats or rams pulls it. You can see the ruins of Dale before them. They appear to be on a river or stream that flows from Erebor down to Dale and the lake beyond. Also, there appears to be a mounted crossbow on the front of the chariot, with a stack of bolts above it, jiggling away as the cart careens down the frozen river.

greendragon: I’m guessing this is Dain driving this chariot thing. Those look like war rams, and that red coat and leather belt look like dwarven clothing, but not a dwarf we’ve seen before. And the spikes coming out of those wheels are vicious! Looks like something Dain would drive to me. (It could be Balin – he does wear this colour (see frame 57) – but the hair doesn’t look white enought to me…) Def a dwarf, anyway – look at the broad shoulders and short legs. In this shot, that looks like Oin on the right – hard to tell… They seem to be racing towards the ruins of Dale.

Kelvarhin:  I guess I’ll have to wait till the film  comes out, but for now I’m not really liking this war-chariot bit.  Can’t see where it fits in.

Sarumann:  Well, this is different! This could be Dain charging into battle, as this doesn’t seem to be a Dwarf we’ve seen before, though he does have some of the Company with him (Kili, Fili and Dwalin). It looks like he’s intercepted by some wargs, though I’m not thrilled with the idea of an ice fight. It’s kind of overdone, in my opinion. Still, that battle wagon looks impressive!

Mithril: You can see Erebor in the background and Dale ahead. I see Dwalin in the front of the cart and Kili is shooting his bow off the left side, another dwarf is on the right. Is Balin driving? Or is it Dain?

Quickbeam: The Running River has already frozen over. This chariot thingy is another unexpected surprise from PJ.

Aragorn the Elfstone:  As someone who has mixed feelings about the barrel escape in The Desolation of Smaug – this sequence makes me nervous. But…WARGS!!!

Ainu Laire:  A war chariot? Well, I suppose the Wainriders were not the only ones who could have them in Middle-earth. Maybe the Dwarves even invented them! Maybe! Tolkien never did say!

35. Closer look at the war-chariot

deej:  I wish I could tell who’s driving the goat chariot; my first thought was Balin, but now I’m not so sure.

greendragon: That’s Dwalin in the front of the chariot – you can see his tattoos, and his axe. Looks like Kili on the left, with his bow.

grammaboodawg: Who in the world is driving this Roman-chariot-like speeder!?

Elessar: Not sure what’s going on but I like it from this pic.

Quickbeam:  Because every Middle-earth movie needs a car chase.

Ainu Laire: Why are the handful of Dwarves riding out, anyway? Maybe to ‘rescue’ the Lake-town Four? Maybe to find something resembling food? Maybe because they were bored with the gold and wanted to try a new sport?

36. The war-chariot sliding on ice

greendragon: Now that looks like Fili on the right. So I think this is Dwalin, Fili and Kili with Dain – charging in to battle…

grammaboodawg: Whatever is going on with this icy race, it’s happening on the river that runs past Erebor’s front door.

Quickbeam:  I mean a *Pod-race*….. Every Middle-earth movie needs a Pod-race.

37. Warg attack

Garfeimao: Looking in the opposite direction, we see two Wargs riding up the frozen river towards the chariot, with Erebor just behind. Gives us a clear picture of where this frozen river or stream is.

greendragon: … to confront some wargs head on, apparently. We see Erebor behind – so they must be charging out from the walls or Erebor. (I don’t love this ‘cavorting on the ice’ sequence.)

Kelvarhin:  Oh, maybe it was to do another Warg attack…

Quickbeam: These look smaller than Wargs. Just a bit smaller – yet Wargs they must be.

38. The Wargs head for the war-chariot

grammaboodawg: Could this be Dain running point to see what was out there?

Quickbeam: You ever play “chicken” inside a Dwarven chariot against rampaging Wargs? We soon will. I see Dwalin and Balin on this thing, don’t I? But is the driver Dain or someone else?

Ainu Laire: Wargs vs Rams (if I had to put a name to them). Similarity to goat or not, rams and their horns are nasty. I suppose whoever is more deft on the ice would win this one.

39. “Will you have peace or war?”

deej:  “Will you have peace, or war?” – Bard, pleading with Thorin to see reason

Garfeimao: Bard does not look happy about offering the choice between Peace or War, he clearly wants a peaceable ending.

greendragon:  Hero shot! Is Bard being played up as a hero, by any chance…? 😉

Kelvarhin: If only Thorin would listen 🙁

Sarumann:  “Will you have peace or war?” What I love most about this line is Luke Evans’ delivery. It’s not a demand so much as a desperate plea. Something says to me that he has already tried and failed to negotiate some kind of peace with Thranduil, and this is his last hope.

Mithril: Bard asks “Will you have peace or war?” But is he talking directly to Thorin? He is outside, but then the shot where Thorin responds, it seems he is inside Erebor.

Elessar:  Bard pleading with Thorin to use his head. You can tell he just wants peace.

Quickbeam:  The voice of reason will not be just a lost voice in the wilderness….

Ainu Laire: “Will you have peace or war?” If this was BOOK Thorin, he would…

40. From the Director of “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy

greendragon: In case we’d forgotten… And oh hey, what’s that song from…?? 😉

Kelvarhin: No 2 son was reading over my shoulder and said “Oh gee really?  I thought they’d just managed to find another Kiwi called Peter Jackson who was also a Director”.  😀

Mithril: “From the Director of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy” No kidding.

Elessar: One of the best sets of films ever created. 🙂

Quickbeam: They still don’t use Peter Jackson’s name, as a BRAND I mean. Consider how Spielberg’s name is a brand; and in most marketing just his name being associated is preferred instead of mentioning a previous project.

Aragorn the Elfstone: Hey! I know that guy.

Ainu Laire: *Looks towards Thorin impatiently*

41. “I will have war!”

deej: “I will have war!” – Thorin, not listening to reason.

Garfeimao: When Thorin declares he wants War, the look of shock on Kili’s face is evident. BTW, it seems clear that Thorin is wearing Thror’s Crown Helm and armor with the Raven designs.

greendragon:  Looking just like Thror. The sickness has him – and Kili is distraught. Heartbreaking.

Kelvarhin:  Thorin in the grips of the gold-madness, no longer sees reason.  Kili looks horrified.

Sarumann: And Thorin is having none of it! “I will have WAR!” I love how his voice goes slightly demonic on the last word. Between that and Thorin wearing his grandfather’s crown, he has clearly been completely overtaken by the sickness that doomed his forebears. That is both tragic and frightening. Love it!

Mithril: Thorin seems to be responding to Bard, but to me, it seems like they’re in different locations. Kili looks horrified at Thorin’s declaration.

grammaboodawg: Kili’s distressed and confused expression as he watches Thorin shows how much he fears for his uncle.

Elessar: Thorin loosing his mind and going full on Dragon Sickness.

Quickbeam: …. Unless you’re talking to a gold-lust-crazed-over-the-brink Thorin, and then reason falls on deaf ears. Perhaps that glorious crown of Thror (is it really the same one?) is blocking your ears.

Aragorn the Elfstone: With all due respect to Professor Tolkien, I never felt for book Thorin the way I do Mr. Armitage’s interpretation. Whether he’s in the right or wrong, I will be cheering his victories and lamenting his mistakes.

Ainu Laire: Woohoo! Book Thorin and war! Good, good, I was very happy to see this. Alas, poor Thorin. I love that he took up Thror’s helm-crown. Nice symbolism there.

42. Thranduil Warrior King

deej:  I think this is just a taste of Thranduil’s fighting skills; if Legolas learned his from his father, I think we’re going to see even better gravity-defying moves from dad.

Garfeimao: Thranduil is a very efficient warrior, he slices through this band of orcs quite easily.

greendragon: Thranduil shows no mercy. It looks to me like he is being attacked by orcs in these shots…

Kelvarhin: Thranduil’s not just a pretty face.  Looking ferocious against these orcs.

Sarumann:  Battle Thranduil! I have a strong feeling that Lee Pace will pull off graceful and badass unlike any Elf actor we’ve seen so far!

Mithril: Once again, I ask why Thranduil is fighting alone. Where are the other Elves? Maybe this is to showcase his amazing fighting skills. The orcs/goblins have some sturdy armor, yet Thranduil seems fairly exposed. No helm.

grammaboodawg: Is this the ruin of Dale? Thranduil comes prepared for war…wearing his armour

Elessar: Thranduil laying a beat down on some Orcs.

Quickbeam: Lee Pace in his first all-out action set piece. Looking forward to that!

Aragorn the Elfstone: We definitely need more of this guy. Dear The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition: please rectify.

Ainu Laire: Insert Weta fan girling here. What awesome armor. I sometimes wonder if the Elves in Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth have ever had a debate concerning the practicality of incredibly long hair with rather grabby orcs.

43. Thranduil taking on orcs

Quickbeam: Does this scene remind you of Aragorn fighting at Weathertop?

44. Thrandruil, kicking orc butt in Dale

grammaboodawg: Thranduil is said to be one of the greatest warriors of Middle-earth.

Quickbeam: OR does this scene remind me of Aragorn fighting the first wave of Uruk-hai at Amon Hen?

45. Crazy-eyes close-up of Legolas

Garfeimao:  Legolas seems about to go into Battle mode as well. He is wearing a Mithril shirt under his jerkin.

greendragon: Oh dear. Legolas looking like a White Walker again. And I believe he may be “emoting” in this shot… :/

Kelvarhin:  What’s with his eyes?!  Rather a weird shot of Legolas.

Mithril: Does Legolas realize here that his dad is in trouble and needs assistance? Do we get to see father and son fight together?

grammaboodawg: Legolas looks like he’s come to a decision as to which side he’s on… Thranduil’s or Lake-town. I’m sure Thranduil will not be far behind him given the reality of the situation.

Quickbeam: Do your contact lenses feel comfy today, Orly?

46. Bards kids in Dale

deej: Appears to be Bard’s son and one of his daughters in Dale

Garfeimao: two Lake-towners on the streets of Dale, about to be run over

greendragon: That’s Bain – so presumably his sisters are the two figures in front of him.

Kelvarhin:  Looks like Bain and Sigrid, not sure if Tilly is there too though.

Mithril:  I don’t think Bard is in control of the cart. It seems to be careening out- of-control.

Quickbeam: This appears to be Bofur (James Nesbitt) and Bard’s daughter Sigrid (Peggy Nesbitt) in the ruins of Dale.

Ainu Laire: Are those Bard’s kids? I hope they are! I really enjoyed them, too. I hope all of them survive. There’s enough death in this film already. At least, hopefully. 77-year-old spoilers.

47. Bard in a cart

deej: Bard on the sled, perhaps trying to rescue them?

Garfeimao: Bard in a runaway cart, trying not to run over his fellow Laketowners. He’s got a sword, he must be on his way to do some damage.

greendragon: Bard coming to the rescue of his kids?

Kelvarhin: Bard about to run over his kids?

Quickbeam: And here comes Bard on a wildly careening cart about to knock over his family? What’s going on the context of this scene? Possibly something after Lake-town is destroyed, and Bard (and his family) join Oin, Kili, Fili, and Bofur, as they head north to Erebor.

Ainu Laire: When did Bard become a swordsman? How many of the audience will actually care if it’s cool enough? Will it remain cool or go into the ridiculous and overdone in that cart? We shall see!

48. Close-up of Kili

Garfeimao: Kili in the midst of battle, just outside Erebor, with a raven shaped rain spigot just behind him. He does look glorious in his Dwarven armor.

Kelvarhin:  Kili in his armour

Mithril: Kili reacting in battle.

grammaboodawg: Does Kili see the approaching armies? The dark skies match what we find in the book as the other armies approach.

Quickbeam:  Fran and Philippa insisted there would be “hot dwarves,” so there ya go.

Ainu Laire:  Kili! Behind you! (maybe)

49. Azog enjoying his power

deej: Amazing shot of Azog addressing the goblin army.

Garfeimao: Azog urging on his minions, complete with their deteriorating banners. Rah Rah Rah, Siss Boom Bah!

greendragon: Oh urgh. Isn’t he dead yet? Someone puh-lease finish him off….

Kelvarhin:  Oh for Petes sake, just kill him already!

Sarumann: Azog and his army! And yet another callback – this time to ‘The Two Towers’ with the Uruks’ march on Helm’s Deep. This shot looks very similar.

Mithril: Azog commanding his troops. Someone take him down with an arrow, please.

grammaboodawg: Azog is in his element as the leader of Sauron’s army.

Elessar:  Azog leading the troops. I can’t wait until he dies but he’s been pretty cool all the same.

Quickbeam:  Impressive shot. How far has software come since MASSIVE was used to do “crowd shots” and “armies in real motion” back in the LOTR Trilogy?

Aragorn the Elfstone:  I’ve admittedly never been a huge Azog fan (one of my few instances of Tolkien purism), but this shot is absolutely stunning.

Ainu Laire:  “I swear I am my own orc and not one of those maggots from Lord of the Rings!” There was a mirror of this image in one of the original FOTR trailers, if I recall correctly, but it was never used in the film… so I suppose that makes it all right. I wonder if his son (Bolg, for those of you who do not know) is standing nearby or at their front. I wonder if Bolg’s mom is proud of him and Azog. Maybe she is fighting right beside them, counting elf heads just like the rest of them.

50. Bolg!

Garfeimao: And Bolg is still running around too. Not entirely sure if this is the ruins of Dale, or if he’s back in Dol Guldur.

greendragon: See above (no. 49)

Sarumann: Is this really Bolg about to lay the hurt on Bilbo, or is it just clever editing? If this is the moment that Bilbo puts on the Ring to avoid getting hurt, I worry that it might lessen the impact of that moment. I always liked the idea of Bilbo making a conscious decision to stay out of the fight, and I don’t know if I’ll like him doing it simply out of immediate self defense as much.

Mithril: Bolg looking as ugly as ever.

grammaboodawg: Bolg makes his appearance.

Elessar: Can’t wait for you to die as well.

Quickbeam: Bolg, apparently alive after Legolas has chased him all through Mirkwood (we left off at the last film with Legolas riding after him). So it begs the question of *how* Bolg survives Leggy’s pursuit; and will he meet his final end during the Battle?

Aragorn the Elfstone: Bad Bolg! You stay away from poor Mr. Baggins.

Ainu Laire: He would be cooler if he wasn’t CGI. *ahem* I mean, still cool, but… well, Lurtz is still #1 orc in my heart.

51. One scared little Hobbit

Garfeimao: Bilbo is royally freaked out here, something awful must be coming right towards him, or an out of control Chariot or Wooden wagon, take your pick.

greendragon: Hero shot! (But panicked and dismayed hero…)

Kelvarhin:  Bilbo looks totally freaked out, is Bolg (from the previous shot) heading his way?

Mithril: Terrified Bilbo

grammaboodawg: And it looks like Bilbo is his target!

Elessar:  What is Bilbo looking at? Probably just the way it is cut but is it Bolg?

Quickbeam:  I don’t suppose this poor hobbit has ever seen an army of darkness before.

Ainu Laire: This looks like a good caption contest picture, to be quite frank. I mean, I bet it will be awesome in the film, but he could be seeing so many different things.

52. Dwarves on War Rams!

Garfeimao: Dain’s army of Dwarves arrives via Battle Rams, or maybe they are Mountain Goats, sure footed on this type of terrain to be sure. Check out the armor on their faces and necks, all the better so they can steam roll right over an opposing force with speed and power.

greendragon: The dwarves of the Iron Hills charge into battle!

Kelvarhin:  The Iron Hill Dwarves arrive on War Rams!

Sarumann: I really like these rams! I’m assuming this is Dain’s Dwarf army, and they look very forbidding! If this charge is any indication, I can’t wait to see them in battle!

Mithril: Dain’s army to the rescue riding war goats or rams with awesome armor.

grammaboodawg: This has GOT to be Dain appearing on an armoured herd of rams.

Elessar: Dwarves charging into battle?

Quickbeam: Thorin’s cousin Dain Ironfoot has brought his forces from the Iron Hills, where the Longbeards have long dwelt.

Aragorn the Elfstone:  I still remember the chill I got down my spine when the Rohirrim rode down onto the Pelennor Fields, battling legions of orcs. Get ready, spine.

Ainu Laire: War goats. Good for mountainous terrain.

53. Armoured War Rams

deej: War Rams!

greendragon: LOVE the look of those war rams.

Kelvarhin:  Love the armour they’ve put on the War Rams.

grammaboodawg: What a wonderful counterpoint to the warg riders!!!

Quickbeam:  There will be steeds of war quite different from what you’d expect; namely War-Boars and War-Rams!

54. Bard leading the charge

Garfeimao: Bard is leading a band of Laketown people into battle.

greendragon: Hero shot! (Aragorn, anyone…??)

Kelvarhin:  Bard showing his leadership skills.

Mithril:  Bard rushing into battle Aragon-style.

Quickbeam:  I love it when Luke Evans is all pissed off.

Ainu Laire: “My name is not Aragorn!”

Mithril: 54.5 Sauron’s Eye!

Frame 54.5 Sauron's Eye

Mithril: Right after Bard, for a brief second, the flaming Eye of Sauron fills the screen. Does this indicate Sauron comes to join the battle?!? Or that he is in communication with Azog and the forces of Evil? Or perhaps, that he has returned to Mordor and taken up residence in Barad-dûr?

Quickbeam:  Remember Galadriel’s adamant psychic hiss to Frodo: “ONE WHO HAS SEEN THE EYE!”


55. Fili, Kili, Bofur and Oin arrive at Erebor

Garfeimao: Again, this would appear to be the Laketown 4 joining up with Thorin’s Company in Erebor.

greendragon: Classic PJ shot. Bombur is the penultimate dwarf in this line; hard to identify the others.

Kelvarhin:  This looks like the missing 4 returning to the fold in Erebor.

Mithril: Once again Oin, Kili, Bofur and Fili running through Erebor to the battle?

grammaboodawg: The dwarves rush across a beautiful, rail-free bridge!

Quickbeam: This overhead shot within Erebor reminds me of the overhead shot of the Fellowship attempting to cross the Bridge of Khazad-dum.

Aragorn the Elfstone: I can’t help but be reminded of the Fellowship running across the Bridge of Khazad-Dum in this shot.

Ainu Laire: What on earth is it with Dwarves and precarious bridges? I mean, really! Hand rails do not take away from its coolness!

56. Elven archers

Garfeimao: The careful arrangement of the Elf army belies the chaos that ensues when the Orcs arrive, so this may well be the point when Thorin has declared he will have War with Man and Elf alike, with no one expecting what happens next.

greendragon: More classic PJ. Great shot.

Mithril: Rows upon rows of Elven archers, reminiscent of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men on the plains of Dagorlad.

grammaboodawg: Another wonderful reflection of the Last Alliance!

Quickbeam: A magnificent phalanx of Elven archers. The tautness of those bowstrings will reflect the taut nerves of the audience as they watch, we presume. Perfect way to build “tension” is to literally show “tension.”

Aragorn the Elfstone: Believe it or not, I initially mistook the Elves here for Gondorian soldiers. It’s the combination of the shape of the helmets and Billy Boyd’s singing.

Ainu Laire:  I think I’ve made too many ‘this looks like Lord of the Rings’ jokes already, haven’t I? The music here was superb, I will definitely give it that.

57. “Will you follow me, one last time?”

deej: “Will you follow me…one last time?” – Thorin asking the dwarves to join him made me tear up.

Garfeimao: None of the dwarves look overly happy as Thorin asks them to follow him one last time. The gravity of the whole situation is evident here.

greendragon: Great shot of the company – just a pity Bofur’s face is hidden in this shot.

Kelvarhin:  The dwarves all look dismayed as Thorin asks them to follow him one last time…

Sarumann: This shot is getting a lot of scrutiny, because some think there are only 11 Dwarves here. In fact, all are accounted for. The only one you can’t really see is Bofur. But if you look closely at Ori, you can see Bofur’s hat just behind him. He’s there. He’s just obscured. That makes 12. The 13th Dwarf, Thorin, is off screen, asking “Will you follow me?” Yes, all Dwarves are alive and present in this shot.

Mithril: The Company gathered before heading out to battle as Thorin asks”Will you follow me…” Will he get an epic pre-battle speech that will leave us teary-eyed?

grammaboodawg: A very different demeanor to the Company we’ve seen throughout the first 2 installments of this Quest.

Elessar: Gonna be sad losing some of you. This trilogy has taken some heat but its been one hell of a good ride.

Quickbeam: Too bad Bofur is the only one not seen in this nice shot.

Aragorn the Elfstone: You shall be the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING! Sorry, wrong film.

Ainu Laire: Excellent shot of all the Dwar– oh come on, Bofur, you just needed to stay in that one spot for one second, not move behind the others! Poor Bofur.

58. Gandalf and the Elven Army

Garfeimao: Gandalf in front of the Elven archers, also looks none too happy.

greendragon: Gandalf leads elves – in the BoFA? Or do elves help them out at Dol Guldur – Rivendell elves?

Sarumann:  “One last time?” This line just hit me right in the gut. This is the last Middle-earth film we are likely to see. It represents much more to me than just Thorin and his Company. It represents the finality of this entire 13-year journey. I’ll be truly sad to see it end.

Mithril: Cut to Gandalf backed by a regiment of Elven archers. He cannot be hearing Thorin directly since he is outside on the plain and Thorin was in Erebor, but maybe he is turning towards the door to Erebor looking for Thorin?

grammaboodawg: Gandalf is back and leading the poised-for-attack Elven archers. He has a new staff!

Quickbeam: Gandalf still has that pointy hat after all that mischief in Dol Guldur?

Aragorn the Elfstone:  Is this Gandalf caught between the Elves and the newly arriving Dwarven army? Or something else, dark and foul?

Ainu Laire: Gandalf the Grey. The original and the best wizard.

59. Tauriel and Legolas chatting

Garfeimao: Not sure when this happens, but it appears Tauriel is giving Legolas another lesson in Middle-earth politics.

greendragon: Somehow Legolas just looks fake in these shots. Not loving it.

Mithril:  Cut to Tauriel looking directly at Legolas who looks off at something else. Is it implying she wants to know if he will follow her into battle?

grammaboodawg: Is this the conversation that seals Legolas’ changing opinion of his responsibility to all of Middle-earth’s kindreds and not just Thranduil’s realm?

Quickbeam: These two are about to cause some trouble. Has Leggy finally gotten over his jealous snit?

Aragorn the Elfstone: Tauriel and Legolas in deep conversation against a classic Peter Jackson backdrop. While some tend to criticize PJ for the artificiality of shots like this, I adore them. What I’ve always loved about these Middle-earth films is how they so often look like beautiful paintings. You just don’t see anything like this in works of other directors.

60. Final close-up of Bilbo with the Dwarves in the background

Garfeimao: I feel this is shortly after Smaug has left the Lonely Mountain, and the rest of the dwarves have joined Bilbo to see what is happening to Laketown.

greendragon: Can’t see the mithril shirt here – an earlier moment? Bilbo is wishing he were back in his nice, cosy hobbit hole…

Mithril: “…one last time?” Bilbo looking really serious. Is this the last time he will see Thorin?

grammaboodawg:  Is this shortly after Smaug flew away and descended on Lake-town? The dwarves have come out of the mountain and are not yet wearing armour. Bilbo is obviously distressed by what he sees, but none of the other dwarves seem aware of what he sees.

Quickbeam: Just can’t get enough of Martin Freeman. Seriously.

Aragorn the Elfstone: Bilbo, undoubtedly with the grief of Lake-town’s destruction laid upon his heart. Stay strong Mr. Baggins. There is more yet to come.

61. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Garfeimao:  Is it December yet?

Kelvarhin:  As a friend keeps asking me, will they be handing out boxes of tissues with our tickets?

Mithril: Credits. December 17! Almost a full week later than last year. See it in RealD 3D, HFR 3D and IMAX 3D.

grammaboodawg:  I love the look of these front and end caps. Great impact and reflects the tone of this part of the story.

Quickbeam:  I would have been just fine seeing “TABA” as the subtitle.

Aragorn the Elfstone: I’ll have to eat crow on this one. I really didn’t like the title change at first. But after that teaser, I can’t complain one bit about the film being called “The Battle of the Five Armies”. It’s just perfect, quite honestly.


Quickbeam: Anyone else agree that this teaser was decidedly downbeat?


greendragon: They didn’t forget GDT this time…

Kelvarhin:  Nice to see GDT’s name included this time.

Sarumann: It’s nice to see Guillermo del Toro getting credit on this again.

Justin:  It’s nice to see Guillermo del toro name in the credits.  He was noticeably excluded from DOS teaser.

Quickbeam:  …….And welcome back, GDT!

Ainu Laire: Guillermo! Good to see him acknowledged.

64. December 17

deej:  Is it December 17th yet?

greendragon: To paraphrase Churchill: ‘It is not the end. But it is the beginning of the end…’ One last journey to Middle-earth together, friends – here we go…

Kelvarhin:  December 26th in Australia, still not happy about that!

Sarumann: December 17th. I am both anticipating and dreading this date.

Elessar:  I don’t like to wish my life away but I can’t wait to get this.

Quickbeam: What preferred format will you see this final Tolkien film from PJ? I’ll see it in IMAX 3D wherever I can. I’m not sure the HFR is a selling point, just for me, personally.

65. The Hobbit Fan Fellowship Contest

greendragon: Are TORn staff eligible to enter?? 😉

Sarumann: Oh, you know I’m signing up!

Quickbeam: That sounds like a nice contest prize. It must be the screening at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington!

Ainu Laire:  *watches mass of fans refresh the site madly* Good luck everyone with that! Do not take my commentary as mean-spirited. I loved the trailer. Is it December yet?

Last Tuesday, Peter Jackson and Warner Bros. finally released the second official trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

If you need to refresh your memory … who are we kidding? … you’ve memorised it all! But if you’d like to see it again, check it out on Youtube or on

In the intervening time, staff here at have watched the trailer again and again… and again… We’ve also been poring over large screencaps, with a magnifying glass, to spot any tiny details which just might give us some further insight into what we will see when the movie is finally released in cinemas in a little more than 60 days’ time.

Check out what we spotted below! You can click on the small thumbnail screencaps to see large, high-resolution versions. A warning for spoilers!. But you’re expecting them if you made it this far, surely? Continue reading “TORn’s official frame-by-frame analysis of trailer two for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!”

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This story is sponsored by Deep Into the Heart of the Rose - Now Available on Amazon Kindle!On June 12th Warner Brothers released the first official trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It can be viewed in its entirety at

Staff here at have now – a week later – watched the trailer again and again… and again… We’ve also been poring over large screencaps, with a magnifying glass, to spot any tiny details which just might give us some further insight into what we will see when the movie comes out at the end of this year. Check out what we spotted, below!

The following screen caps and commentary are not confirmed and are only speculation by the staff at We plan on providing additional updates and insights as staff chime in – so keep this page bookmarked!

If you would like to easily browse all high res imagery of the trailer, check out page 11.

We’d like to thank G.T. Denny, author of ‘Deep into the Heart of a Rose,’ for sponsoring this effort!

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! And Click the images to see larger versions

Continue reading “Frame by Frame Analysis of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer”