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And from the wild Hobbit Rumor Front…

SmaugUPDATE: These rumors about “The Hobbit,” contradicted a lot of what Peter Jackson has said on the record often and in front of lots of cameras and reporters. We believe what PJ said rather than what somebody is claiming came from a “reliable source.” We also want to remind readers that Market Saw has reported some “facts” before which turned out to be incorrect. Check out this 2007 report which claimed that he knew Jackson would definitely be directing “The Hobbit,” in 3D not long before it was announced that he wasn’t. Many media members, including our own staffers, heard Jackson only weeks ago say there were no plans to do “The Hobbit,” in 3D and there absolutely no plans beyond the currently planned two films. Things can change but in this case, we doubt it very much. Further our own inside source, and somebody who really knows how the films will be shot (who isn’t Peter Jackson) wasn’t aware of an 3D plans.

Rumors abound at today: (more…)

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