BARNEY MCDONALD from the Sunday Star Times writes: The first time I saw Peter Jackson on set directing The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the (now trim) film-maker was sat barefoot in a big, comfy armchair of dubious origin. He’d get up and move around, interacting with actors and crew, but before long he’d be back in the low, rounded chair, staring at his monitors, deep in thought.

During shooting of pick-ups for The Twin Towers [SIC] and The Return of the King, I spent a week apiece with a veritable United Nations of international media, watching Jackson working on set and location, snatching moments to talk to him about his epic journey with the film. Always unflappable, ever affable, Jackson controlled his environment with understated and seemingly effortless ease, so much so that the armchair became a symbol for the man himself. Whenever he wasn’t on set, the chair remained, motionless and serene, commanding respect on behalf of its master. More..